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Social media law and policy

The rise of social media in recent years has created a new range of tools for instant  universal communication and interaction in both personal relationships and at work. We use tools such as Twitter and Facebook to post photos, talk to our friends, provide information or news to our customers, or to track or promote… Read More »

World Justice Project

I hadn’t heard about the World Justice Project until recently, but it’s worth spreading the word. The World Justice Project aims to strengthen the Rule of Law ‘for the development of communities of opportunity and equity.’ It released its Rule of Law Index yesterday, which is available from the website. This comparative analysis of adherence to… Read More »

International Commission of Jurists: new online resource in HR

The International Commission of Jurists have published what they say is “the first book of its kind” called Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Justice: A Comparative Law Casebook. Three cheers to them especially as it is freely available as a pdf for anyone with internet access! (It comes as a pdf of over 400 pages… Read More »

European Court of Human Rights and its future

According to the Council of Europe’s own website  “The [ECHR] currently faces a desperate situation. There are more than 100 000 outstanding cases. Ninety percent of the applications to the Court are clearly inadmissible or have no legal basis, which reveals a serious ignorance of the Convention and the Court’s procedures. It also shows that the… Read More »

European Country of Origin Information Network

This freely accessible database, funded by such organisations as the UNHCR, the ERF,  and the Austrian Government, is designed to help anyone assisting asylum claimants. (You will see that there is a login option (top right). Registration is free and allows you extra functions eg saving documents you are going to use frequently in your… Read More »

New human rights website

One the ways the University of Texas Libraries have embraced the challenge “to serve as a catalyst for positive change in Texas and beyond,” is the Human Rights Documentation Initiative (HRDI).   Its aim is “to preserve and make accessible the historical record of genocide and human rights violations.” (The Bridgeway Foundation stepped in with some financial support.) And indeed… Read More »