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Black History Month

Browse the following links to discover how the University of Oxford, the University’s Faculty of Law, legal institutions, the Inns of Court and law societies are marking Black History Month this year. Explore the range of events (many online) listed by the University, Black History Month and Blacknet, several of which celebrate Black excellence in… Read More »

LGBT History Month

For an academic law library – below is what passes as a veritable rainbow of colourful book covers in celebration!  There is a specific LawBod Libguide on LGBT law resources at Oxford. The focus is on the development & experience in the UK – but both the Libguide and the LawBod’s collections do have works… Read More »

Cape Town Convention Academic Project

The Cape Town Convention (CTC) is the usual shorthand for the Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment (2307 U.N.T.S. 285.) and its object specific protocols: aircraft objects (2001),  rail rolling stock (2007), or space assets (2012)). If you would like an overview of the context of this convention,  Sir Roy Goode‘s article The Cape Town… Read More »

Notable Works launch event

We asked our law academics to write about one or two notable works that had influenced their thinking. The request was not limited to the influences on their academic role, but in general. The aim was to have an interaction with our colleagues that was not just related to work. We were absolutely thrilled when… Read More »

Law, medical ethics and social justice

As  the news constantly reminds us, there is a world of difficult issues out there when it comes to life (both as to its beginnings and its end), and what is the appropriate response to ill health which might appear anywhere in between, and how to establish what conditions can/should/must be cured – and who… Read More »

Welcome OUULJ

Or to give it the dignity of its full name  The Oxford University Undergraduate Law Journal. The inaugural issue is now available – as a free pdf. Details of the contents are below: English Law and the Doctrine of Abuse of Rights Mateusz Krauze Life After Bankovic and Al-Skeini v UK: Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Under the… Read More »