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AALL Member Makes History with Citation in Supreme Court Opinion

John Cannan, research and instructional services librarian at Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law in Philadelphia, made the history books yesterday, June 25 2015. The United States Supreme Court opinion King v. Burwell cites Cannan’s Law Library Journal article, “A Legislative History of the Affordable Care Act: How Legislative Procedure Shapes Legislative History,”… Read More »

Cambridge University Press law e-books – an update

In July 2014, the Law Library subscribed to Cambridge Books Online’s Law Collection, a selection of the University Press’ legal scholarly e-publications. You may remember Elizabeth Wells’ blog post at the time, explaining how this type of subscription works; you can view this at This is an update on readers’ reception of the new… Read More »

Pantomime Problems

It’s the height of the pantomime season, but a fairy godmother can stop time, so she’s kindly found the time to respond to some legal problems submitted by her friends… I found this cool old lamp in a cave – can I keep it? Aladdin Ooh, treasure! That’s now defined by the Treasure Act 1996… Read More »

Śubh Krisamus!

That’s Merry Christmas in Hindi, one of over 300 languages and dialects spoken in India. The principal religions amongst the population are Hinduism and Islam, but India is also home to around 25 million Christians, who celebrate Jesus’ birth with a blend of both Western and traditional regional customs. Many Catholics attend Midnight Mass in… Read More »

A traditional Sussex Christmas

“On Christmas night all Christians sing To hear the news the angels bring” The Sussex Carol? The jaunty Sussex Carol is a favourite at the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols.  A popular folk song all over the British Isles, dating back several hundred years, it is now known as the Sussex Carol simply because Ralph Vaughan… Read More »

Can I have a pet reindeer?

Provided you don’t cause a nuisance to your neighbours, you comply with health and welfare legislation, and you are not restricted by local bylaws (ask your council) or covenants in your house deeds or tenancy agreement, there is no national legal reason why you cannot, however reindeer are sensitive animals and the idea is controversial.… Read More »

Cambridge University Press law e-books

The Law Bod has taken out a trial subscription to all the law titles available via CUP’s University Publishing Online. This means holders of an Oxford Single Sign On have full-text access to all law titles until 13 July 2015. At that date we shall assess how useful the package has proved to be, before… Read More »

Salam, nowruz mubarak!

<<!سلام ,نوروز مبارک>> By Ben Politowski Today, 20th March, is the Hormoz (the first day of a Persian month) of Farvardin, and marks the first day of the Iranian new year or ‘nowruz’. Said to have been founded by the prophet Zoroaster himself, this celebration of the ‘new day’ is one of the holiest days… Read More »