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Law, medical ethics and social justice

As  the news constantly reminds us, there is a world of difficult issues out there when it comes to life (both as to its beginnings and its end), and what is the appropriate response to ill health which might appear anywhere in between, and how to establish what conditions can/should/must be cured – and who… Read More »

UK Supreme Court on cusp of tradition and modernity

 So reads the headline of the article published in The Guardian newspaper on 25 October 2011 to mark the first two year of the Court’s existence.(Authors :  Owen Bowcott and Maya Wolfe-Robinson). The article is freely available to read online. Or you can just watch and listen to an 11 minute video of  Owen Bowcott’s … Read More »


Lord Neuberger’s Report more formally the Report of the Committee on Super-Injunctions: Super-Injunctions, Anonymised Injunctions and Open Justice can be downloaded as pdf from government website.  Responses and commentary will doubtless mushroom on the internet and elsewhere: one such, on the free web, by barrister Adam Wagner  is headed “Turns out there weren’t that many superinjunctions after all.” The… Read More »

New free access jurisprudence journal

Kent Law School has announced the birth of new open access journal “feminists@law is a peer-reviewed online journal which aims to publish critical, interdisciplinary, theoretically engaged scholarship that extends feminist debates and analyses relating to law and justice (broadly conceived).  It has a particular interest in critical and theoretical approaches and perspectives that draw upon postcolonial, transnational… Read More »

ECLI: European Case Law Identifier

Users of  legal websites may begin to see a new case identification/neutral citation system appearing as a result of  the recent Council of EU decision, designed to facilitate  cross-border access to national case law (whether from courts or tribunals).  Council conclusions inviting the introduction of the European Case Law Identifier (ECLI) and a minimum set of uniform metadata… Read More »

The judges speak

But not always in the court room! Did you know that the official website for the Judiciary of England and Wales has a freely accessible library of speeches given by judges? (Not just judges but also eg those invited to give the Judicial Studies Board Annual Lecture.) My trials have found the enticing search box… Read More »