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Guardian Law Page

With The Times deciding to charge for online access, including its well read Law Section,  it is quite timely that The Guardian newspaper has created a new law page which looks at legal affairs and developments from around the world.  Launched earlier this year the page can be accessed at or the link is… Read More »

International investment arbitration in 2009

UNCTAD has published the results of an analysis of activity in 2009.  The report, Latest Developments in Investor-State Dispute Settlement, IIA Issues Note No. 1 (2010) (UNCTAD/WEB/DIAE/IA/2010/3), is made freely available as a pdf. The earlier report on BITS 1959-1999 is also available to download free. And just to pick out for special mention two items… Read More »

International Criminal Court revitalized

31 May – 11 June 2010 are the dates for the Review Conference, when state signatories and stake holders (such as NGOs)  can take stock of the years since the Rome Statute, and, where considered necessary, decide on amendments to the treaty. The Conference website is waiting to spring into action, although proposals for amendments… Read More »

EU-China Observer

 The Collège d’Europe’s online publication EU-China Observer offers a view of the EU from a different perspective, and the opportunity for scholars and practitioners to exchange ideas on EU-China relations.   All six issues for 2009 and the first issue of 2010 are now available on the web.  The latest issue includes an open letter… Read More »

The Baroness Stern Review

Baroness Stern has completed her review of the handling of rape complaints by public authorities.  It was published yesterday, Monday 15 March, and is available as downloadable pdf  The Stern Review from the Government Equalities Office Website.  The response from the Judicial Communications Office is Press Release 30/10 You can  listen to the Baroness’s interview… Read More »

European Court of Human Rights and its future

According to the Council of Europe’s own website  “The [ECHR] currently faces a desperate situation. There are more than 100 000 outstanding cases. Ninety percent of the applications to the Court are clearly inadmissible or have no legal basis, which reveals a serious ignorance of the Convention and the Court’s procedures. It also shows that the… Read More »