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The value of libraries; the adoption of the TIPP. 2 recent blogs

Librarians Ruth Bird (@oxfordbirds) and Margaret Watson (@MargaretLawBod) have recently published blogs on issues that may be of interest to our readers. Ruth wrote about the value of libraries in the Canadian forum,, with this introduction: “I am using the column this time to explain my anxiety that society risks losing too much as the… Read More »

Mistletoe and the law

Mistletoe seems an unlikely candidate for falling foul of the law but it has happened. I’m not going to venture into office parties as that has already been covered earlier in the blog. The recognised way for harvesting mistletoe in the rural areas in America, most commonly, seems to be with a shotgun. There are… Read More »

Santa with(out) borders

By Emma Jones Okay, so of all the worries faced by a putative Father Christmas, international frontiers might not be the first that come to mind… but there’s no denying that the children’s favourite existentially-challenged Macroscopic Quantum Object has a seasonal job that tests freedom of movement to its limit. Santa, of course, is a… Read More »

Mistletoe mayhem

What’s more traditional than the sound of dodgy Christmas tunes, the clink of glasses and the whirr of a photocopier. Yes it’s the Christmas office party.  A time when colleagues come together to pull a cracker, have a glass of wine and reflect on the year gone by.  A time for the company to thank… Read More »

A family Christmas?

Christmas is generally considered to be a time for families to be together. A lot of Christmas traditions focus on children, particularly when it comes to receiving gifts. In Thailand this tradition is reversed, as children have to give gifts to their elders instead, which some parents in the UK might appreciate! It is also… Read More »

Shakespeare for lawyers

With the Globe Theatre Company returning to the Bodleian Quad this week, I felt a combination of great writer and great location ought to inspire a little blogging. This year’s performance is King Lear, in which an aging king decides to divide his kingdom among his three daughters and retire early. A quick look around… Read More »