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Cape Town Convention Academic Project

The Cape Town Convention (CTC) is the usual shorthand for the Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment (2307 U.N.T.S. 285.) and its object specific protocols: aircraft objects (2001),  rail rolling stock (2007), or space assets (2012)). If you would like an overview of the context of this convention,  Sir Roy Goode‘s article The Cape Town… Read More »

A glimpse of life under Roman law

Bodleian Law Librarians do get out and about … even though this expedition entailed going into a (decommissioned) reading room to see the current exhibition at the British Museum, Life and death in Pompeii and Herculaneum. Among the wonders (and horrors) on display is a rather nondescript piece of marble.  It bears an inscription on… Read More »

Mobile Apps for Mobile Lawyers

By Beth Paton Mobile technology is becoming ever more ubiquitous, so it seemed the right time to take a look at apps for law students and lawyers. For the purposes of this blog post I selected three apps to road test. I was ably assisted with these reviews by my husband, Alec, who obtained a… Read More »

The Baroness Stern Review

Baroness Stern has completed her review of the handling of rape complaints by public authorities.  It was published yesterday, Monday 15 March, and is available as downloadable pdf  The Stern Review from the Government Equalities Office Website.  The response from the Judicial Communications Office is Press Release 30/10 You can  listen to the Baroness’s interview… Read More »