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National Libraries Day 2014 – Behind the Scenes at the Law Library

As it’s National Libraries Day on 8th February, I’m taking you for a quick tour behind the scenes at the Bodleian Law Library so that you can see some of the work we do when we’re not helping out in the reading rooms. This is the Information Resources office. When new books and journals arrive,… Read More »

Ian Hislop’s Olden days

After seeing the Official Papers collection on our libguide Official Papers: A guide to the collections, Wingspan Productions approached the Bodleian Law Library  to investigate filming census material from the Parliamentary Papers open shelf collection. After a busy week of arranging the filming and getting the material ready,  filming went ahead on Saturday 2nd November. … Read More »

The judges speak

But not always in the court room! Did you know that the official website for the Judiciary of England and Wales has a freely accessible library of speeches given by judges? (Not just judges but also eg those invited to give the Judicial Studies Board Annual Lecture.) My trials have found the enticing search box… Read More »