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Salam, nowruz mubarak!

<<!سلام ,نوروز مبارک>> By Ben Politowski Today, 20th March, is the Hormoz (the first day of a Persian month) of Farvardin, and marks the first day of the Iranian new year or ‘nowruz’. Said to have been founded by the prophet Zoroaster himself, this celebration of the ‘new day’ is one of the holiest days… Read More »

Zero Hours Contracts; A Developing Story

By Penny Schenk Zero hours  employment contracts (or ZHC’s) have been widely discussed recently. This post seeks to (very briefly) define a “zero hours contract” and highlight the current Government consultation on the subject which ends on March 13. First of all, what constitutes a ‘zero hours contract’? I was rather surprised to learn from… Read More »

Indigenous Peoples and the law (and a useful new LibGuide!)

By Francesca Marsden I thought that I would take the opportunity, having done a lot of research for my soon-to-be-published LibGuide on the topic, to share a few interesting pieces of international legislation and highlight a significant case concerning indigenous peoples that I discovered along the way. Also, it may be a (not so subtle) attempt draw attention… Read More »

Supreme Court of Canada judgments freely available

The Supreme Court of Canada and LexUM announced just before Christmas that the Court’s Decisions website now contains all decisions since 1907, and judgments in leave applications since 2006. The collection is updated within minutes of the public release of the judgments by the Court. “All published judgments since 1876 from cases which were appealed… Read More »

Justice Season on BBC Four

By Laura Cracknell If you’re looking for something to give you a break from study but keep your mind on all things legal, BBC Four is currently showing a short season of programmes under the heading Justice – A citizen’s guide.  Offerings range from drama-documentaries to debates on topical issues.   Particularly recommended is The… Read More »

Kluwer Arbitration

By Helen Matthews The Kluwer Arbitration website has changed a lot recently, from simple changes of layout to brand new functions. This post aims to introduce these changes and how to benefit from them. What can I use Kluwer Arbitration for? The website offers arbitration specific information on: Commentary Conventions Case law and awards Legislation… Read More »

Building in improvements

Work is continuing with impressive speed in the LawBod ground floor. This will mean that Official Papers will have a first rate facility when they join us in the autumn. However, for the moment, it does mean that the library’s quiet working environment is sometimes punctuated by drilling. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Noise in the Library

Samuel L Jackson had snakes on a plane we (unfortunately) will be having noise in the Library. Over the summer there will be neccessary work being carried out resulting in noise on particular days. We will be alerting readers via the blog of when these will be. Unfortunately because of the nature of the work… Read More »