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Free Roman Law study aids

While the technical issues around BIA are still being resolved, here is a reminder of some free resources, available on-line. Misha or La Maison Inter-Universitaire des Sciences de l’Homme (University of Strasbourg) hosts a platform Bases de données hébergées par la MISHA via which you can access two free online resources which may prove useful for your… Read More »

New Aid for Roman Law Research

The Law Library has recently acquired FIURIS (2nd ed., 2003) the Archivio elettronico per l’interpretazione delle fonti giuridiche romane.  FIURIS applied Index verborum quae in rubricis Corporis Iuris Civilis continentur to a corpus of some 31 Roman law sources (including those used in the construction of Vocabularium Iurisprudentiae Romanae), identifying all instances where the words are used. Then it searched through 40 years of Roman Law… Read More »