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A glimpse of life under Roman law

Bodleian Law Librarians do get out and about … even though this expedition entailed going into a (decommissioned) reading room to see the current exhibition at the British Museum, Life and death in Pompeii and Herculaneum. Among the wonders (and horrors) on display is a rather nondescript piece of marble.  It bears an inscription on… Read More »

Roman law again: introducing BIA (2000)

BIA or Bibliotheca Iuris Antiqui is the work of the C.I.R. or Centro Interuniversitario per l’Informatica Romanistica , and the Law Library has purchased its second edition (2000). Please note that, as with FIURIS, you will need to ask a member of library staff for assistance as it cannot be networked. In J. Caesar mode, BIA divides its material… Read More »

New Aid for Roman Law Research

The Law Library has recently acquired FIURIS (2nd ed., 2003) the Archivio elettronico per l’interpretazione delle fonti giuridiche romane.  FIURIS applied Index verborum quae in rubricis Corporis Iuris Civilis continentur to a corpus of some 31 Roman law sources (including those used in the construction of Vocabularium Iurisprudentiae Romanae), identifying all instances where the words are used. Then it searched through 40 years of Roman Law… Read More »

Peter Birks remembered

When Peter Birks (then Regius Professor of Civil Law) died in 2004, Oxford’s Law Faculty in particular, but also common law scholarship as a whole, were diminished. (Obituaries Times Online, Guardian) A collection of essays in his honour (predominantly by Oxford colleagues) was published in 2006, Mapping the law :essays in memory of Peter Birks. This tribute has… Read More »