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Cape Town Convention Academic Project

The Cape Town Convention (CTC) is the usual shorthand for the Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment (2307 U.N.T.S. 285.) and its object specific protocols: aircraft objects (2001),  rail rolling stock (2007), or space assets (2012)). If you would like an overview of the context of this convention,  Sir Roy Goode‘s article The Cape Town… Read More »

International commercial law

This being (another) area of law in which (to put it mildly) I have  a lot to learn, Trans-Lex.org (see previous blog entry) was always bound to lead me to/remind me of other useful resources. One  is the CISG Database from the Institute of International Commercial Law,  Pace Law School. The translation service can be a particular boon. For example, there… Read More »