Pompeii found again

Eagle-eyed staff at the Bodleian’s storage depot found this beautiful map of Pompeii with an incorrect shelf mark. Italy, being part of Europe, has the prefix C25. This map of Pompeii should have been given the call number C25:50 Pompeii (1). When the Pompeii map came into the library it was incorrectly labelled D25:50 Pompeii (1), putting it in with maps of Malaya.


When correcting this error staff in Oxford discovered a note in the handlist page for Pompeii maps, stating that the map was reported ‘missing 3/10/1952’. While this isn’t as long as the 1500 years that Pompei lay undiscovered after the eruption of Vesuivis in 79 AD were very glad, after 62 years, to be able to restore it to it’s rightful place.

C25:50 Pompeii (1)