A list of selected accessions to the map collection in March 2015

Standard map of the Witwatersrand Goldfields, 1900. E54:13 (90)

Nordwest-Pamir, Alai-Pamir Expedition 1928, 1931. C40:22 (12)

Map of Poland and adjacent countries shewing nationalities, languages & religions, 1943. C31 (498)

International General Aeronautical Map Britain. G.S.G.S. (Air) No. 113, 1924. Published by the Air Ministry. C16 (851)

Map of Axis annexations, occupations and the puppet states from March 1938 till October 1943, 1943. C1:5 (553)


Roma e Dintorni, 1935. Istituto Geografico Militare. C25:15 (37)

Plan von Berlin und umgegebend bis Charlottenburg, c.1900. C22:45 Berlin (120)

Map of the Kingdom of Siam and its dependencies, [1900?]. D28 (210)

Formosa from the latest Japanese Government surveys, 1901. D21 (137)

Environs of Oxford, enlarged from the Ordnance maps; the Geological Survey & sections by Andrew Stacpoole…New College, 1920?. C17:49 (313)