Grab a magnifying glass and peep in to an eighteenth-century printing workshop!

This detail is from the title page of Kikayon Yonah by Jonah ben Isaac Teomim (1712), and shows the printer’s device through which we can peep in to an eighteenth-century printing workshop.

The device belongs to a Calvinist theologian and Hebraist, Heinrich Jacob von Bashuysen, who established a Hebrew printing house in Hanau in the early 1700s. More than one hundred works were published here, many of which was written by Bashuysen himself.
Have a look at the publication information under the device:
… בבית הדפוס האדון הענריך יעקב מבאסהויזן דאקטר וברופעסור ודרשן בעיר הנ”ל

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