Amulet or Charm for a newborn’s cot: קמע

Highlight from the Raphael Loewe Pamphlet Collection

This charm, assumed to have originated in Cairo is part of the Raphael Loewe pamphlet collection. It was probably acquired by Herbert Loewe, Raphael’s father, during his time as Master of English at the schools of the Alliance of Cairo and Abyassiyeh in Egypt.

All that is known of the original ownership is the bottom line in the margin: For the son of Elia Joseph, born 6 Marheshvan 5612 [2nd November 1851] (shown in the image below).

The Charm would have been placed over the cot as protection. This amulet is decorated with central Kabbalistic symbols including the star of David and the menorah. The Shema is the main text and the seven branches of the menorah are filled with seven verse from Psalm 67.

amulet 4 detail

Loewe pamphlets: Follkore and Magic I,9

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