Once Upon a Time…

Are you learning hebrew? Do you enjoy a good story? The Library has a collection of Children’s Literature in Hebrew, the basis of which came from the Kressel Collection. These books can be a fun way to practise reading Hebrew, and often they include the vowel pointing too.

Children giraffe

The collection includes books that were published a generation ago as well as recent publications.

children animals   children past

There are translations of classic Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales into Hebrew, as well as original Hebrew fiction.

children red riding     children hansel and G


children nursery rhymes

There is fiction and non-fiction, young-adult novels and versions of biblical texts.

children YA fictionchildren genesis









The Akedah

The Akedah


children colourful

children gan gani

We even have a few board books!

We even have a few board books!