Nieto, David. מטה דן וכוזרי חלק שני [Mateh Dan ṿe-Kuzari ḥeleḳ sheni] . London: Thomas Iliffe, 5474 [1713-14]. Nieto (1654-1728), born in Venice, was ḥaḥam of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue between 1701 and 1728. His Mateh Dan or [rather than ‘and’] the second Kuzari, alluding to the title of Judah Halevi’s famous medieval treatise, was an apology of the Oral Law, and a defence of rabbinic Judaism against those crypto-Jews that attacked it. Ḥaḥam Nieto was the most distinguished thinker in the Anglo-Jewish world in the first half of the 18th century.