López Laguna, Daniel Israel. Espejo fiel de vidas que contiene los Psalmos de David en verso. London, 1720. This work, entitled True Mirror of Lives, is a paraphrase of the Psalms in Spanish, initiated while its autor was imprisoned by the Inquisition. López Laguna (ca. 1653-ca. 1730), born in Portugal, raised in Southwest France and imprisoned by the Inquisition while a student in Spain, later moved to Jamaica, where he became naturalised and openly professed Judaism. He travelled to London in 1720, where this work was published under the patronage of Mordecai Núñez de Almeida. His life exemplifies the transnational nature of the Sephardi experience. The book contains dedicatory poems ingeniously crafted in Spanish, English, Hebrew, Latin and Portuguese, at least three of them authored by women.