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Spanish and Portuguese Ladino Prayer Books in the Bodleian

Jewish liturgy is a rather neglected area of study, and even more so the translations of the liturgy. However prayer books can tell us much about the spiritual and devotional life of a community. Not only the prayers themselves and the various ways in which they are presented on the page, but the very bindings say much about how such devotional literature was used in daily life.

by Dr Aron Sterk (21 June 2016)




Chaim Arlosoroff’s life and mystery murder

Chaim Arlosoroff (1899-1933) was of one of the most important and brilliant figures in Zionist political life in British Mandatory Palestine. His killing remained the Jewish political murder until the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, in 1995.

by Peter Bergamin (12 Oct. 2015)