May Headlines


May has been a month during which the library has been very well-occupied by readers preparing for exams. We would like to wish everyone the best of luck! We hope that we are providing somewhere calm and welcoming for people who are a bit stressed and worried; as ever, do let us know if there is anything we can do to help – even if it is just making sure the photocopier has enough paper.

We had some drama last week when one of the stair treads came loose on the stairs leading down to the basement, leading to Dawn having to take the decision to close the stairs. The lift (which is in the corner of the library past the photocopiers) never saw so much action! Fortunately it also behaved itself, which is always a bit of a worry with such an antique piece of equipment… The stairs were repaired quickly and we are happy to report that there were no injuries as a result of the problem.

Readers will have noticed that another survey, different to the one which was sent out for students, has been being publicised via notices around the library. We hope that everyone who wished to give feedback successfully did so in the time available. When we have official news about the proposed changes to the library service we will, of course, pass it on. We are bound, however, to only doing this when approved by senior staff, so do bear with us if we’re not saying much!

Announcements for June

Vacation loans will begin next week (8th June) and will run through until 13th October (Tuesday of First Week). Books borrowed before that time can be renewed for the longer loan period as long as you have not renewed more than twice before. If you have any problems please contact library staff.

We have been asked to pass on a reminder to finalists to use up your PCAS credit! Accounts do stay active for about two years, but it is probably worth trying to leave them as empty as possible if you are leaving us for pastures new.

We would also like to gently remind finalists to please return your books to the library before you go; and to please make sure that you return the correct books to the right places!