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March Headlines

Happy Easter!

As we are closed after today (Wednesday 27th) until next Tuesday, and as your humble blogger is off that week, I am posting the March edition of our News a couple of days early.

March has been a busy month, and not just in terms of reader numbers, which were quite high as the end of term approached, dropping off noticeably once the vacation started.

For one thing, we have now implemented Short Loans for the “Apply Staff” books, see previous post on this blog for details. One further comment on this, however: there was some confusion about readers with yellow cards which are reference only, and after a bit of experimentation we can happily say that we can loan Short Loan books to these types of card, although obviously only to be used in the Library. Overnight loans for readers with a reference only status would still not be allowed unless under exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the librarian.

As well as this change, there has been the wider Bodleian Libraries change of policy over fines. Since March 18th we have been able to take payment of fines from any Bodleian Library, rather than just for our own. Some restrictions apply; for instance we would not be allowed to take payment for a lost book from another library, but we hope that this facility will make it easier for readers to clear any fines they have in one place, rather than wandering all over Oxford, and it is likely to be especially useful to final year students who need to pay off fines in order to graduate.

Meanwhile, back at OIL, we have a new member of staff in residence. Dr Gillian Evison, the head of the Oriental Section, has moved into the office behind the staircase after a reshuffle in the Central Bodleian. Anyone who was in the library last Friday may have encountered the movers, who were very professional, especially when it came to manipulating large and awkward pieces of furniture through our somewhat cramped front office without taking chunks out of the walls. We bid Gillian welcome to OIL, and hope that she settles in to her new home with as little drama as possible!

Finally, an update on the Window on Korea collection, which is still being catalogued and sent to the Library in manageable batches. The photos show the current state of the books awaiting processing, some as-yet-unpacked boxes, and the shelves downstairs at OIL which are slowly filling up both with the new books from the National Library of Korea and with older sets of Korean books which have been moved from the Book Storage Facility. Please do remember that, while the new books belong to OIL and are therefore able to be lent to readers, the books belonging to the Bodleian are still only to be used in the Library. They will have a “Ref.” prefix on their labels to make this distinction clear.

IMG_1745 IMG_1746 IMG_1749 IMG_1750

Phew! Well, I did say March had been busy! Anyway, Happy Easter to those of our readers who observe it, and to everyone else, enjoy a few days off!


February headlines

Hello! Welcome to the monthly digest of news and announcements for February.

It’s been a busy month in terms of readers but a quiet one for news; the various projects which are ongoing are still ongoing.

The Window on Korea books continue to be delivered in small batches – this is due to there being one (very busy) person cataloguing them prior to their being sent and one other (equally busy) person processing them and labelling them, and also the fact that we have a finite number of boxes and room in the van – but they are still arriving and there are still many more to come. We urge patience for those of you who are waiting for things; there is just no space anywhere to completely unpack the entire 5000 book collection in one lot!

The reclassification project has turned a corner – literally – in that we have now reached the back wall round by the BP166s. We are planning a minor book-move to shuffle up into the vacated space from this terms’ work, but it will happen after the end of Term and we will try to make as little noise as possible. For anyone wishing to find the books previously shelved in the area recently reclassified, most of them are now in the corresponding BP161.2 section in the Library of Congress section, although some others are in different places. Please check SOLO for specific items.

There are exciting developments in the pipeline for next Term, including a change to the way fines are administered within the Bodleian Libraries and the retirement of a very iconic piece of stationary from the Library desk. Watch this space…

January Headlines

Belated happy new year to everyone!

Well, here we are in 2013, all rested after the Christmas break and raring to go…

The start of Term has seen an influx of new readers as students of other subjects find themselves required to find books which we hold. This is often the case at this time of year, and we welcome everyone as usual!

We also welcome a new member of staff to the library: Kenan started here in January and will be working almost-full-time hours. He’s still undergoing training at the moment but we are already noticing the difference that having an extra pair of hands makes, especially when we are busy.

Our ongoing Window on Korea project is still ongoing. The majority of the books are yet to be processed – 6,000+ in total arrived at the end of last year and need catalogue records before they can be sent here – but there is progress! Keep an eye on the shelves downstairs for the ever-expanding KSL section…

Elsewhere, we did a bit of moving over the Christmas Vacation to accommodate the growing Library of Congress section and to fill in empty space left in the BPs by the reclassification project. Most things will still be in roughly the same place, but some will have crept slightly further south; the shelf-end signs have been updated to show the shelf mark range in each bay along the eastern wall of the library (opposite the windows). As ever, do ask us if you have trouble finding anything!

One last thing: a polite request to everyone to please return books you are no longer using to the shelves – or one of the replacement points – so that others can find them! Our most frequent enquiry during Term is about books which say “Available” on the system but are nowhere to be found. Obviously, if you are using a book, then by all means do keep it on the desk, but please be mindful of the needs of others, especially when deadlines are looming!

November Headlines and Christmas Matters

A bit late with this post, sorry! This is what happens when the month starts at a weekend…

November at OIL was its usual hectic self, bringing the rest of Michaelmas Term and the accompanying hive of activity, not to mention a run on the photocopiers towards the end of the month when people started gathering things to do over the Christmas Vacation.

In the Library we have been busy too, the KSL material for Korean Studies has been moved to the basement after re-labelling and a new consignment of books is being catalogued ready to be added to that as part of our Window on Korea project. These will be arriving gradually over the next few months; keep an eye on the shelves, or on SOLO! The Korea Room in the basement has also been in use (apologies to the group of students I barged in on last week!), which is excellent.

Our bit of reorganisation, moving the PLs and other small collections so that new metal shelving could be put in place has now been accomplished, and the new shelves look as if they have always been there, which is really the whole point of the exercise.

One of our regular book-moves to fill up gaps created by Kate’s reclassification project has been going on over the last few days. Do ask if anything has moved and you can’t find it! In most cases things have just shuffled along a bit, or possibly round a corner. Shelf labels will be updated when we have finished moving things.

Meanwhile, the Graduate Research Skills Toolkit session last week at IT services was well attended, and colleagues said that people were pleased to be given the chance to learn more about the various tools which are available for Orientalists.

Further afield, there have been a few problems with book deliveries due to large parts of Oxford being submerged last week, but the Porters soldiered through as best they could and the delays were minimal. Fingers crossed that we don’t get too much snow, or this may become a problem again.

Christmas Matters:

Vacation Lending is now in effect, and books borrowed at the moment are due back on the 14th January.

The Library closes for the Christmas break at 5pm on Thursday 20th December. Unfortunately, due to staff leave, we will not be open the preceding Saturday, 15th December, or on Saturday January 5th. Otherwise, we will reopen on Wednesday 2nd January and weekday opening hours will be as normal, 0915-1900.

Season’s Greetings from all at OIL!

Exhibition: 36 Kasen: The 36 Immortals of Japanese Poetry

36 Kasen: the thirty-six immortals of Japanese poetry

3 February – 4 March 

This small display of illustrated manuscripts from the Bodleian Japanese Library will celebrate the thirty-six great poets. Despite their ancient history, the thirty-six poets, one of the most important and durable icons in Japanese culture, are virtually unknown outside Japan.

It’s in the Bodleian Temporary Displays space, the Old Library Entrance. Open 9am – 7pm Monday – Friday, 9am – 4:30pm Saturday and 11am – 5pm Sunday. Admission is free.

The Bodleian’s Exhibition website is:

New Books August 2010

Here’s the monthly list of new books. They’ve also been added to our librarything account at

BF1762.N58 NIS 2003
Nissinen, Martti
Prophets and prophecy in the ancient Near East
Society of Biblical Literature, 2003

BL1138.242 E5 MAH 2005
Mahabharata. Dronaparva. English & Sanskrit
Mahabharata. Book seven, Drona
New York Univeristy Press : JJC Foundation, 2006

BP195.I3 S24 SAL 1985
Salimi, Abd Allah ibn Humayyid, b. ca. 1871. Talat al-shams
Kitab sharh Talat al-shams ala al-Alfiyah ; Bahjat al-anwar : sharh Anwar al-uqul fi al-tawhid ; al-Hujaj al-muqniah fi ahkam salat al-Jumah
Wizarat al-Turath al-Qawmi wa-al-Thaqafah, 1985

BP195.I3 S24 SAL 1985
Salimi, Abd Allah ibn Humayyid, b. ca. 1871. Talat al-shams
Kitab sharh Talat al-shams ala al-Alfiyah ; Bahjat al-anwar : sharh Anwar al-uqul fi al-tawhid ; al-Hujaj al-muqniah fi ahkam salat al-Jumah
Wizarat al-Turath al-Qawmi wa-al-Thaqafah, 1985

BQ915.G66 GOM 2009
Gombrich, Richard F. (Richard Francis), 1937-
What the Buddha thought
Equinox, 2009

BR1720.C5 I58 IOV 1986
Gvaramia, Rusudan
“Iovane Okropiris cxovrebis” zveli kartuli targmani da misi taviseburebani : 968 clis xelnaceris mixedvit
Mecniereba, 1986

BR65.B33 G46 BAS 1983
Basil, Saint, Bishop of Caesarea, ca. 329-379. Selections. Georgian
Basili Kesarielis “Scavlata” Eptvime Atoneliseuli targmani
Mecniereba, 1983

BR65.G84 P74 PSE 1989
Psevdonones mitologiur komentarta kartuli targmanebi
Mecniereba, 1989

BS1515.52.A82 AST 2006
McGinnis, Claire Mathews
‘As those who are taught’ : the interpretation of Isaiah from the LXX to the SBL
Society of biblical literature, 2006

BS1515.52.B44 BLE 2006
Blenkinsopp, Joseph, 1927-
Opening the sealed book : interpretations of the book of Isaiah in late antiquity
William B. Eerdmans Pub. Co., 2006

BS1515.52.I585 ISA 2010
Kooij, Arie van der, 1945-
Isaiah in context : studies in honour of Arie van der Kooij on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday
Brill, 2010

BX163.3.F46 FEN 2009
Fenwick, John R. K., 1951-
The forgotten bishops : the Malabar Independent Syrian Church and its place in the story of the St. Thomas Christians of South India
Gorgias Press, 2009

BX173.3 B75 BRI 2008
Cherian, Shibu
Bringing light to the world : Syriac tradition re-visited : essays in honour of the very Rev. Dr. Adai Jacob Corepiscopa
Christava Sahitya Samithy, 2008

BX177.15 B76 BRO 2008
Brock, Sebastian P.
Studies in Syriac spirituality, Rev., enl. and updated ed.
CEICS, Dharmaram Pub., 2008

BX177.15.L532 LIB 2009
Liber Graduum. English
The Syriac Book of steps : Syriac text and English translation, 1st Gorgias Press ed.
Gorgias Press, 2009

BX4713.363 C66 CON 2009
Conference on the Liturgy of St. James (2008 : Bethany Vedavijnana Peeth)
The liturgy of St. James : its impact on theologizing in India
BVP Publications, 2009

BX663.T3615 TAM 1995
Tamarasvili, Mixeil Petres ze, 1858-1911. Eglise georgienne des origines jusqu’a nos jours. Georgian
Kartuli eklesia dasabamidan dgemde : tan axlavs 104 portreti da kartul zeglta reprodukciebi, ori geograpiuli ruka da mravali gamoukveqnebeli dokumenti
Kandeli, 1995

BX664.P35 P47 PER 1995
Peradze, Gregory, 1899-1942
Ucxoel piligrimta cnobebi Palestinis kartveli berebisa da kartuli monastrebis sesaxeb
Kandeli, 1995

BX667.S35 T76 SAK 1980
Sakartvelos avtokepaluri martlmadidebeli eklesia. Troparion
Uzvelesi Iadgari : gamosacemad moamzades, gamokvleva da sazieblebi daurtes El. Metrevelma, C. Cankievma da L. Xevsurianma
Mecniereba, 1980

BX669.I43.I4433 DOL 1974
Dolakize, Manana
Ilarion Kartvelis cxovrebis zveli redakciebi
Gamomcemloba “Mecniereba”, 1974

BX699.A1 Z84 ABU 1963
Abulaze, Ilia
Zveli kartuli agiograpiuli literaturis zeglebi
Sakartvelos SSR mecnierebata akademiis gamomcemloba, 1963

DK511.C42 KAL 1971
Kaloev, Boris Aleksandrovich
Osetiny : istoriko-etnograficheskoe issledovanie, Izd. 2-e, ispr.
Nauka, 1971

DK511.G4 SAK 1976
Gabasvili, V.
Sakartvelos istoriis agmosavluri masalebi
Mecniereba, 1976

DK511.G44 BER 1967
Qauxcisvili, Tinatin
Berzeni mcerlebis cnobebi Sakartvelos sesaxeb
Mecniereba, 1967

DK671.5 LOR 1989
Lordkipanidze, M. D. (Mariam Davydovna)
Ra aris “Kartlis cxovreba”
Tbilisis universitetis gamomcemloba, 1989

DK673.9 K37 LEO 198
Leonti Mroveli, Bishop of Ruisi, 11th cent.
Sxovreba kartvelta mepeta : Arcilis nameba
Mecniereba, 1986

DK677.35 GUL 1987
Gulbenkian, Roberto. Relation veritable du glorieux martyre de la reine Ketevan de Georgie. Georgian
Namdvili cnobebi sakartvelos dedoplis Ketevanos mocamebrivi sikvdolos sesazeb
Mecniereba, 1987

DS116 JOS 1987
Josephus, Flavius. Antiquitates Judaicae. Georgian
Motxrobani iudaebrivisa zuelsitquaobisani
“Mecniereba”, 1987

DS116 JOS 1987
Josephus, Flavius. Antiquitates Judaicae. Georgian
Motxrobani iudaebrivisa zuelsitquaobisani
“Mecniereba”, 1987

DS117 JEW 2009
Efron, John M.
The Jews : a history
Pearson Prentice Hall, 2009

DS135.E83 LED 1994
Lederhendler, Eli
Jewish responses to modernity : new voices in America and Eastern Europe
New York University Press, 1994

DS135.L4 ENC 2010 Ref.
Stillman, Norman A., 1945-
Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic world
Brill, 2010

DS135.L4 ENC 2010 Ref.
Stillman, Norman A., 1945-
Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic world
Brill, 2010

DS135.L4 ENC 2010 Ref.
Stillman, Norman A., 1945-
Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic world
Brill, 2010

DS135.L4 ENC 2010 Ref.
Stillman, Norman A., 1945-
Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic world
Brill, 2010

DT143 LIT 2010
Mehrez, Samia
The literary atlas of Cairo : one hundred years on the streets of the city
American University in Cairo Press, 2010

ML3060.Z6 ZLI 1971
Metreveli, Elene, 1917-2003
Zlispirni da gmrtismsoblisani : ori zveli redakcia X-XI ss. xelnacerebis mixedvit
Mecniereba, 1971

PA3892.M7 M38 MCC 2009
McCollum, Adam
A Greek and Syriac index to Sergius of Reshaina’s version of the De mundo
Gorgias Press, 2009

PJ3001.I8 REL 1983
Kraemer, Joel L.
Religion and government in the world of Islam : proceedings of the colloquium held at Tel-Aviv University 3-5 June 1979
Tel Aviv University, Faculty of Humanities, 1983

PJ6123.S46 SEM 2010
Seminar for Arabian Studies (43rd : 2009 : London, England)
The development of Arabic as a written language : papers from the special session of the seminar for Arabian studies held on 24 July, 2009
Archaeopress, 2010

PJ7631.T25 TAK 2008
Gelder, G. J. H. van
Takhyil : the imaginary in classical Arabic poetics
Gibb Memorial Trust, 2008

PJ8991.K37 KAP 2009
Kapeliuk, Olga
Selected papers in the Ethiosemitic and Neo-Aramaic linguistics
Hebrew University Magnes Press, 2009

PK3794.G62 A813 GOV 2009
Govardhana, 12th cent. Aryasaptasati. English & Sanskrit
Seven hundred elegant verses
New York University Press : JJC Foundation, 2009

PK4474.C66 VEN 2009
Venkatanatha, 1268-1369. Hamsasandesa. English & Sanskrit
Self-surrender, Peace, Compassion & The Mission of the Goose : poems and prayers from South India
New York University Press : JJC Foundation, 2009

PK6198.K313 KAR 1975
Karnamah-i Ardashir Papakan. Georgian
Ardasir Papakis zis sakmeta cigni
“Mecniereba”, 1975

PK6402.M3 MAR 1976
Marr, IUrii Nikolaevich
Pisma o persidskoi literature
Metsniereba, 1976

PK6451.F28 A54 MAM 1977
Mamacasvili, M.
Gorganis “Vis O Ramin” da kartuli Visramiani
Gamomcemloba “Mecniereba”, 1977

PK6456.5.G4 FIR 1974
Firdawsi. Shahnamah. Georgian
Sah-names : anu Mepeta cignis, kartuli versiebi
Tbilisis universitetis gamomcemloba, 1916

PK6561.N33 G53 GIU 1976
Giunashvili, L. S. (Liudmila Semenovna)
Tvorcheskii put Saida Nafisi
Metsniereba, 1976

PK8463.T73 DUM 2009
Dum-Tragut, Jasmine
Armenian : modern Eastern Armenian
John Benjamins Pub. Co., 2009

PK9001.D6 DON 1975
Dondua, Karpez, 1891-1951
Stati po obshchemu i kavkazskomu iazykoznaniiu
“Nauka”, Leningradskoe otd-nie, 1975

PK9107.R83 RUD 1940 Ref.
Rudenko, B. T. (Boris Tikhonovich), 1896-1942
Grammatika gruzinskogo iazyka
Izd-vo Akademii nauk SSSR, 1940

PK9107.T75 TSI 1973
TSibakhashvili, G. I. (Georgii Ivanovich)
Elementarnyi kurs gruzinskogo iazyka : samouchitel
Izd-vo Tbilisskogo universiteta, 1973

PK9114.S26 SAN 1955
Sanize, Akaki, 1887-
Kartuli enis gramatika
Saxelgami, 1955

PK9125.B343 K88 KUT 1975
Kutatelaze, Lili
Ioane Bagrationis Kartuli leksikoni
Mecniereba, 1975

PK9125.C83 CUB 1984 Ref.
Cubinovi, Davit, 1814-1891
Kartul-rusuli leksikoni, 2-oe izd.
Sabchota Sakartvelo, 1984

PK9125.G88 GVA 1972 Ref.
Gvarjalaze, I.
Kartul-pranguli leksikoni
Gamomcemloba “Sabcota sakartvelo”, 1971

PK9125.O7 ORB 1966
Orbeliani, Sulxan-Saba, 1658-1725
Leksikoni kartuli
Gamomcemloba “Mecniereba”, 1966

PK9127.Z69 ZIZ 1954
Ziziguri, Sota
Ziebani kartuli dialektologiidan
Samecniero-metoduri kabinetis gamomcemloba, 1954

PK9165 MET 1996
Metreveli, Elene, 1917-2003
Narkvevebi atonis kulturul-saganmanatleblo keris istoriidan
Nekeri, 1996

PK9165 MET 1996
Metreveli, Elene, 1917-2003
Narkvevebi atonis kulturul-saganmanatleblo keris istoriidan
Nekeri, 1996

PK9169.S297 A63 SAV 1964
Savteli, Ioane, 12th/13th cent.
Abdulmesiani : Tamar mepisa da Davit Soslanis sesxma
Gamomcemloba “Mecniereba”, 1964

PK9169.Z84 ZVE 1986
Goguaze, Nargiza
Zveli mecaprasuli krebulebi : sekcembris sakitxavebi
Mecniereba, 1986

PK9201.U34 V6 VOG 1963 Fol.
Vogt, Hans, 1903-
Dictionnaire de la langue oubykh : avec introduction phonologique, index francais-oubykh, textes oubykhs
Universitetsforlaget, 1963

PL312 ISM 2009
Ismailova, L. G.
Uchebnik azerbaidzhanskogo iazyka : dlia stran SNG
Izdatelskaia firma “Vostochnaia literatura” RAN, 2009

PL958.K5 KIM 1956
Kim, Sa-yop, 1912-
Yijo sidae ui kayo yongu
Taeyang Chulpansa, 1956

Z6616.G786 BRE 1988
Bregaze, T. (Tamar)
Grigol Nazianzelis txzulebata semcvel kartul xelnacerta agceriloba
“Mecniereba”, 1988

NBRR Move Finished

The book move is finished; silence has once more descended upon the library. We’ve update our floorplans and our photo-tour on our LibGuide:

There are also photos of the move on the Bodley’s Flickr account:

There are lots of changes in the library, and lots more books, so please swing by and check it all out (but not on Monday 30th August, Monday 6th September or Tuesday 7th September when we’re closed!)

Book Move Begins!

Apparently the book move of the New Bodleian Reading Room to OIL will begin sometime today. Exciting!  Over the course of this week we’ll be getting lots more books and journals on a variety of Oriental subjects- Islam, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Former Soviet Central Asia, Syria, China, Korea, Buddhism, Hinduism, Hindi, Ceylon, Tibet and more.

The library may well be quite hectic as the work happens.

Updates will be posted on our Twitter:

New Accessions Feb 2010

We got lots of new books in February!

Please remember, all the books listed below will be reference-only for a while to allow everyone a chance to look at them before they go into general circulation…

AE4 KWO 1950
Kwon, Mun-hae, 1534-1591
Taedong unbu kunok

B5254.Y482 K6 YI 1977
Yi, Hwang, 1501-1570
Kugyok Toegye chip, Sujong 3-pan.

B5254.Y482 K6 YI 1977
Yi, Hwang, 1501-1570
Kugyok Toegye chip, Sujong 3-pan.

BJ1533.G4 CHA 2009
Frenkel, Miriam
Charity and giving in monotheistic religions

BL1284.532.T36.H83 HUD 2010
Hudson, D. Dennis
Krishna’s mandala : Bhagavata religion and beyond

BM487.A7 V47 VER 2010
Vermes, Geza, 1924-
The story of the scrolls : the miraculous discovery and true significance of the Dead Sea scrolls

BM755.M6 K685 KRA 2008
Kraemer, Joel L.
Maimonides : the life and world of one of civilization’s greatest minds

BP135.A2.A35 ABU 1910
Abu Hanifah, d. 767 or 8. Musnad
Kitab Musnad Habr al-Ummah wa-Imam al-Aimmah al-Imam al-Azam Abi Hanifah al-Numan

BP135.H28 HAD 2009 Ref.
Shah, Mustafa Akram Ali
The Hadith

BP135.H28 HAD 2009 Ref.
Shah, Mustafa Akram Ali
The Hadith

BP135.H28 HAD 2009 Ref.
Shah, Mustafa Akram Ali
The Hadith

BP171.F745 FRE 2009
Jokisch, Benjamin
Fremde, Feinde und Kurioses : innen- und aussenansichten unseres muslimischen Nachbarn

BP171.I8 ISL 1960
Zbinden, Hans, b. 1893
Islam und Abendland : Begegnung zweier Welten

BP20.I8 ISL 1954
Jockel, Rudolf
Islamische Geisteswelt von Mohammed bis zur Gegenwart

DK695.2 IST 2009
Aliiarov, S. S.
Istoriia Azerbaidzhana : s drevneishikh vremen do 70-kh gg. XIX v., Izd. 2-e.

DR440 STR 2009
Fenz, Hendrik
Strukturelle Zwange, personliche Freiheiten : Osmanen, Turken, Muslime : Reflexionen zu gesellschaftlichen Umbruchen : Gedenkband zu Ehren Petra Kapperts

DS907.18 PET 2009
Peterson, Mark, 1946-
A brief history of Korea

DS907.18 PET 2010
Peterson, Mark, 1946-
A brief history of Korea

DS912 WAN 1963
Chong, In-ji, 1396-1478
Wanyok Koryosa

DS916.5.Y5 YI 1973
Yi, Pang-ja, 1901-1989
The world is one : Princess Yi Pangja’s autobiography

DT153.5.M87 GHI 2007
Ghitani, Jamal
Istiadat al-musafir khanah : muhawalah lil-bina min al-dhakirah, al-Tabah 2.

F1054.5.M853 ROS 2008
Roskies, David G., 1948-
Yiddishlands : a memoir

LA1333.7 PAR 2008
Park, Mi
Democracy and social change : a history of South Korean student movements, 1980-2000

PJ5054.K375.G5713 KER 2008
Keret, Etgar, 1967- Short stories. English. Selections
The girl on the fridge, 1st ed.

PJ6171.I26 IBN 2007
Ibn Abd Rabbih, Ahmad ibn Muhammad, 860-940. Iqd al-farid. English
The unique necklace = Al-Iqd al-farid

PJ6709.A78 ARA 2007
Miller, Catherine, 1955-
Arabic in the city : issues in dialect contact and language variation

PJ7824.A67.Z55 AMI 2008
Amin, Dina A.
Alfred Farag and Egyptian theater : the poetics of disguise, with four short plays and a monologue

PJ7826.H58 H38 GHI 2008
Ghitani, Jamal
Hatif al-mughib

PJ7826.H58 H55 GHI 2002
Ghitani, Jamal
Hikayat al-khabiah, al-Tabah 1.

PJ7826.H58 H55 GHI 2002
Ghitani, Jamal
Hikayat al-muassasah, Tabah al-Shuruq 1.

PJ7826.H58 K48 GHI 2009
Ghitani, Jamal
Khulsat al-kara, al-Tabah 2.

PJ7826.H58 R56 GHI 2008
Ghitani, Jamal
Rinn, al-Tabah 2.

PL2518 SLO 1987
Kim, Chong-gil, 1926-
Slow chrysanthemums : classical Korean poems in Chinese

PL3073.K67 KOR 1980
Songgyungwan Taehakkyo (Seoul, Korea). Taedong Munhwa Yonguwon
Koryo myonghyonjip

PL3073.K67 KOR 1980
Songgyungwan Taehakkyo (Seoul, Korea). Taedong Munhwa Yonguwon
Koryo myonghyonjip

PL3073.S6 YIJ 1959
Songgyungwan Taehakkyo (Seoul, Korea). Taedong Munhwa Yonguwon
Yijo choyop myonghyonjip son

PL3073.S65 SON 1959
Songgyungwan Taehakkyo (Seoul, Korea). Taedong Munhwa Yonguwon
Yogye myonghyon jip

PL982.C1 K6 Yi 1964
Yi, In-no, 1152-1200
Kugyok Pahan chip : Yongjae chonghwa

PL989.415.M3 S6 KIM 1971
Kim, Man-jung, 1637-1692
Sopo chip : Sopo manpil

PQ7081.M3724 MCC 2004
McClennen, Sophia A.
The dialectics of exile : nation, time, language, and space in Hispanic literatures

PS153.J4.R33 RAD 2010
Miller, Stephen Paul
Radical poetics and secular Jewish culture

Z44 KIM 1966
Kim, Ki-sung, 1909-
Hanguk soyesa

January’s New Accessions

Here’s the list of January’s new books. If you want to consult any of these, they’re on the Recent Acquisitions Display (on the table near the PCs):

B755.J675 JOS 2009
Jospe, Raphael
Jewish philosophy in the Middle Ages
Academic Studies Press, 2009

BM525.S375 SCH 1965
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