January News and February Reminders


January was a relatively uneventful month at the Oriental Institute Library, with the exception of the return of most of our readers at the start of Term, of course!

We were pleased to note that the hole in the ceiling down in the common room which caused a bit of concern during the electricians’ works before Christmas has now been prevented from leaking and covered over. Fortunately there was no danger to the library collections during the incident, which happened when a workman drilled through a heating pipe in the week before Christmas. We were intrigued by the ingenious device which was rigged up to take any residual leaking water safely into the drain of the sink in the kitchen:


In broader library news, readers of South Asian collections may be interested to in this blog post: http://wp.me/p5Eblf-Yb which details the digitisation of the Chandra Shum Shere collection of Sanskrit manuscripts. We hope that some of you find this new resource useful!

Finally, we have been experiencing difficulties with the Bodleian Libraries wifi signal for the last week or so; possibly related to a power shut-down which happened on the weekend of the 21st-22nd January. This will hopefully be resolved soon, in the meantime readers can access the wifi via Eduroam or OWL, depending on their membership type.


February Reminders:

We don’t have many of those either (it’s been very quiet here) except to refer people to the Open Access drop-in sessions which are taking place all over this term at various locations – see the picture in the previous post for details.




October News

A much busier library…

Having had a successful turnout for our Library Inductions this year, which were kept to a more pared-down approach than previous years, we have been enjoying the livelier atmosphere which always descends on the Oriental Institute once Term proper has begun.

It has been great to see many familiar faces back again for another year, and to welcome our new intake. We hope that everyone is having a good term so far and urge anyone who needs help to please let us know. There will be someone at the library desk at all times during opening hours, and if we are not immediately visible we will be somewhere close by!

Oriental Collections Displays

Readers may have noticed a display of Georgian books from the Wardrop Collection which have been placed just inside the door for the last few weeks. These were to accompany a talk about Georgian Manuscripts which took place last month.

We will be featuring other displays of materials from the Oriental Collections over the next few months; Lydia is currently finalising the next one and we will post details on the Facebook Page soon!

Readers may be interested in a talk on the Hunt in Mughal India which is taking place on November 9th; details can be found on the Bodleian’s What’s On pages: http://www.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/whatson/whats-on/upcoming-events/2016/nov/the-hunt-in-mughal-india


PCAS teething problems

The new version of PCAS has been for the most part running well since it went live in September, however, we are aware of particular problems for which the team are seeking support from the suppliers, in particular the fact that printing from pdf.s does not appear to work very well. There are also occasional problems with scanning and printing, as well as a known issue with reducing or enlarging copies, all of which are being looked into and which we hope will be sorted out or at least included in documentation soon. In the meantime we would ask readers to let staff know when they do encounter problems and to contact pcas@bodleian.ox.ac.uk to let the support team know as well. The more people report things, the more we can get them fixed!



Since the start of Term we have noticed a number of readers with drinks in the library; may we please remind everyone again that ONLY water in sealable bottles is permitted? This is to protect the books and furniture from accidental spillages which may cause damage and encourage vermin. We have spoken to individuals when we have seen them with drinks other than water but would appreciate everybody’s cooperation.


Disruption in the Library in the next couple of weeks

During the Long Vacation – and starting next week – there is going to be some disruption in the Oriental Institute Library to accommodate collections which are going to be stored here as an interim measure. The following is a statement from James Legg, Head of the Humanities Section, and Gillian Evison, Head of the Oriental Section of the Bodleian Libraries [with minor amendments in square brackets].

With apologies for the short notice, this is to alert our readers that there will be some rearrangement of material in the Oriental Institute Library over the Long Vacation with some preliminary moves in the next few days:
– former Indian Institute books and the former Bodleian periodicals will move to the main periodicals section [on the ground floor, which will necessitate some moving of the OIL periodicals to accommodate them];
– the South Asia section in the basement will move to the shelving nearest the staircase [previously occupied by the Japanese books which moved over Easter];
– the Korea [KSL] section will move out of [the section round the corner] into the area currently occupied by South Asia (reference section and lending books) and the Hebrew and Jewish Studies folios (periodicals) [the area immediately before the lift and computer downstairs, on either side of the aisle];
– the Hebrew and Jewish Studies folios will move to the other end of the HJS section.
These moves will consolidate the periodicals sections, give more space to rearrange material as the reclassification project proceeds, and create a separate space for the collections being processed in the basement.
If you have any questions or concerns about these moves, please contact Library staff, who will direct your question to the most appropriate person.

We advise keeping an eye on the Facebook Page/Twitter feed for short-term notices about the moves, and will produce a floor-plan of the new locations in the basement when the moves are complete.


January and February headlines

Firstly, an apology…

Attempts to publish a blog post in February were hampered by a technical issue with a number of Bodleian blogs including ours. This was not resolved satisfactorily until last week, so we have decided to publish one post for the first two months of 2016.

There has not been a lot going on besides the usual library matters, but we do have a few bits of news:

New Skylights!

At some point before July (we don’t know when exactly yet) the skylights in the Library and the Library Office are going to be replaced with new ones. We will keep everyone informed as to when the work will take place when we know ourselves; for the moment please don’t be surprised by occasional visits from practical-looking people with tape measures. The skylights are in need of upgrading, especially the ones in the office which are rather draughty on windy days, so this should improve the general comfort of the whole area.


The Oriental Institute Library’s LibraryThing account has been on hiatus since Dawn left us, but recent acquisitions will begin to appear on the sidebar on this blog again soon. In the meantime do check our New Books Display (just inside the library), which is kept up to date with choice items of interest.

Meanwhile, readers with an interest in South Asian materials can check out the new Bodleian South Asia LibraryThing page, new additions to which can be seen on the South Asia Libguide page here: http://ox.libguides.com/southasia. Please note that new items on this feed are being added as they are catalogued and will require a short time to be ingested into the BSF before they can be ordered.


Kate has been working her way steadily through the DS section since sometime last year, and is now reaching the end of the shelves around the corner from the reader PCs. She will be doing one of her periodic bookmoves when Term finishes as the Library of Congress DS section is getting very short of space and there is an urgent need to rearrange that side of the library to accommodate both the materials which are being reclassified (currently mostly about Central Asian history) and new books which are arriving and for which we cannot find space.

As ever, during this move period there will be afternoons when Kate would normally be at the desk during which it will be unstaffed, but do feel free to either find Kate (follow the sound of shelves being emptied) or come round to the office where there should be a member of staff who can help. We realise that there will still be a number of readers using the library that close to the end of Term and apologise in advance for any inconvenience, but hope that everyone will understand that this is an essential part of our work and unfortunately unavoidable at this time

Easter Matters

As usual, the Library will be closed over the Easter long-weekend. We will be closed on Thursday 24th, Friday 25th, Saturday 26th and Monday 28th March, reopening on Tuesday 29th. Note the extra day on Thursday – this is due to the Faculty offices closing that day. Other Bodleian Libraries will be open on that day.

Finally, we will be starting Vacation Loans next week (8th week) and books will be checked out until the Tuesday of 1st week – April 26th. Any books which you have already checked out for the usual two weeks should be renewed to take advantage of the longer loan period.

Indian Government Publications

The Indian Institute used to be located at the top of the New Bodleian building, which is now undergoing a major renovation. Because of this, the Indian Institute Government Publications are currently being kept in the Oriental Institute basement, on open shelves where readers can consult them. Whilst they’re here, we’ve been taking the opportunity to make sure they’re all catalogued and on SOLO. Over the past month we’ve had two important developments in the collection:

Some of the Indian Institute Government Publications used to be kept in Nuneham Courtney. These have now joined their fellows in the basement, meaning that all the Government Publications are finally reunited! Also it means that all of the Lok Sabha debates (the details of government debates) are on open shelves – which should be exciting news for scholars of the Indian government.

Also, the cataloguing project has just completed the Geography (shelfmark P) section. This section includes the gazetteers (shelfmark Pa), extensive descriptions of every district in India that are invaluable reference guides. There are now full details of all of these books available on SOLO. The Social Conditions (BB) and Statistics (CC) sections are due to be catalogued next.

New Books Sept & Oct 2010

Here’s a list of all the books we’ve added to the library in September and October 2010. The more recently published books have also been put in our LibraryThing catalogue: http://www.librarything.com/catalog/oiloxford

September’s Books:

B5800.O765 OPP 2009
Oppenheim, Michael D., 1946-
Encounters of consequence : Jewish philosophy in the twentieth century and beyond
Academic Studies Press, 2009

BS1198.P76 PRO 2003
Fischer, Irmtraud, 1957-
Prophetie in Israel : Beitrage des Symposium “Das Alte Testament und die Kultur der Moderne” anlasslich des 100. Geburtstags Gerhard von Rads (1901-1971), Heidelberg, 18.-21. Oktober
LIT, 2003

BS1199.T44 R65 ROM 2009
Rom-Shiloni, Dalit
Elohim be-idan shel hurban ve-galuyot : teologyah Tanakhit
Hotsaat sefarim a. sh. Y.L. Magnes, ha-Universitah ha-Ivrit, 2009

DK511.G44 VRA 1971
Muradyan, P. M. (Paruyr Mambrei)
Vrats zhamanakagrutyun, 1207-1318
Haykakan SSH GA Hratarakchutyun, 1971

DK651.T5 GUR 1975
Tbilisis dakqrobis cigni
Gamomcemloba “Mecniereba,” 1975

KBP300 BIS 1986
Bisyawi, Ali ibn Muhammad
Kitab Mukhtasar al-Bisyawi
Wizarat al-Turath al-Qawmi wa-al-Thaqafah li-Saltanat Uman, 1986

PJ6696.Z5 I573 FAW 1975
Fawdah, Abd al-Alim al-Sayyid
Asalib al-istifham fi al-Quran
al-Majlis al-Ala li-Riayat al-Funun wa-al-Adab wa-al-Ulum al-Ijtimaiyah, 1975

PJ7505.4 I26 IBN 1971
Ibn al-Nadim, Muhammad ibn Ishaq, fl. 987. Fihrist
Kitab al-Fihrist lil-Nadim : Abu al-Faraj Muhammad ibn Abi Yaqub Ishaq al-maruf bi-al-Warraq ; tahqiq Rida Tajaddud
Matbaat Danishgah, 1971

PJ7701.7 K58 S55 AKH 1986
Akhtal, Ghiyath ibn Ghawth al-Taghlibi, ca. 640-ca. 710
Shir al-akhtal, al-Tabah 2.
Dar al-Mashriq (al-Matbaah al-Kathulikiyah), 1986

PJ7828.M76 A17 HAM 1974
Hamshari, Muhammad Abd al-Muti, 1908-1938. Poems
Diwan al-Hamshari
al-Hayah al-Misriyah al-Ammah lil-Kitab, 1974

PK6198.K313 KAR 1975
Karnamah-i Ardashir Papakan. Georgian
Ardasir Papakis zis sakmeta cigni
“Mecniereba”, 1975

PK9125.G95 GVA 1962
Gvarjalaze, I.
Dictionnaire francais-georgien
Edition d’Etat, 1962

PK9165.K45 KOR 1979
Kavilaze, R.
Korneli Kekelizis piradi arkivis agceriloba
Mecniereba, 1979

PK9169.C39 CAX 1957
Caxruxaze, 12th/13th cent.
Keba mepisa Tamarisi
Sakartvelos SSR mecnierebata akademiis gamomcemloba, 1957

PK9201.K45 M3 MAG 1971
Magomedbekova, Z. M. (Zagidat Magomedovna)
Karatinskii iazyk : grammaticheskii analiz, teksty, slovar
“Metsniereba,” 1971

PL223.S44 SEY 2008
Seyhan, Azade
Tales of crossed destinies : the modern Turkish novel in a comparative context
Modern Language Association of America, 2008

PL271.E3 E33 EDA 2004
Nemet-Nejat, Murat
Eda : an anthology of contemporary Turkish poetry
Talisman House, 2004

October’s Books:

BL1281.1545.A2333 BAN 2010
Bansat-Boudon, Lyne
An introduction to Tantric philosophy : the Paramarthasara of Abhinavagupta with the commentary of Yogaraja
Routledge, 2011

BL1284.892.K49 O63 OPE 2010
Openshaw, Jeanne
Writing the self : the life and philosophy of a dissenting Bengali Baul guru
Oxford University Press, 2010

BS1171.3.R44 REF 2007
Rezetko, Robert
Reflection and refraction : studies in biblical historiography in honour of A. Graeme Auld
Brill, 2007

BX375.M37 A52 CIL 1977
Sanize, Akaki, 1887-1987
Cil-etratis iadgari
Gamomcemloba “Mecniereba”, 1977

DK511.G3 KUC 1976
Kucia, Karlo
Agmosavlet Amierkavkasiis kalakebi XVI-XVIII saukuneebsi
“Mecniereba”, 1976

DR568 TUR 2008 Ref.
Fleet, Kate
The Cambridge history of Turkey
Cambridge University Press, 2006

DS113 RUD 2010
Ruderman, David B.
Early modern Jewry : a new cultural history
Princeton University Press, 2010

DS121 PRA 2010
Prato, Gian Luigi
Identita e memoria nell’Israele antico : storiografia e confronto culturale negli scritti biblici e giudaici
Paideia, 2010

DS38.6 ABB 2010
Nawas, John Abdallah, 1960-
‘Abbasid studies II : occasional papers of the School of ‘Abbasid Studies, Leuven, 28 June – 1 July 2004
Uitgeverij Peeters en Departement Oosterse Studies, 2010

DS63.1 MID 2011 Ref.
Lust, Ellen
The Middle East, 12th ed.
CQ Press, 2011

DS79.9.B25 CKI 1968
Ckitisvili, Otar
Kalak Bagdadis istoriisatvis : masalebi peodaluri kalakis carmosoba-ganvitarobis istoriisatvis maxlobel agmosavletsi
Gamomcemloba “Mecniereba”, 1968

PJ5008.G37 GAR 2010
Garbini, Giovanni
Letteratura e politica nell’Israele antico
Paideia, 2010

PJ7862.A53 T34 SAI 2008
Said, Makkawi, 1955-
Taghridat al-bajaah : riwayah, al-Tabah 7.
al-Dar lil-Nashr wa-al-Tawzi, 2008. 2008

PK2916.B72 BRO 2010
Bronner, Yigal
Extreme poetry : the South Asian movement of simultaneous narration
Columbia University Press, 2010

PK9103.G853 GUL 1989
Mamacasvili, M.
Gulani : pilologiur-istoriul ziebani : axalgazrda mecnier tanamsromelta sromebis krebuli, ezgvneba K. Kekelizis saxelobis xelnacerta institutis daarsebis 30 clistavs
Mecniereba, 1989

RS67.E32 CHI 2010
Chipman, Leigh
The world of pharmacy and pharmacists in Mamluk Cairo
Brill, 2010

New Books August 2010

Here’s the monthly list of new books. They’ve also been added to our librarything account at http://www.librarything.com/catalog/oiloxford

BF1762.N58 NIS 2003
Nissinen, Martti
Prophets and prophecy in the ancient Near East
Society of Biblical Literature, 2003

BL1138.242 E5 MAH 2005
Mahabharata. Dronaparva. English & Sanskrit
Mahabharata. Book seven, Drona
New York Univeristy Press : JJC Foundation, 2006

BP195.I3 S24 SAL 1985
Salimi, Abd Allah ibn Humayyid, b. ca. 1871. Talat al-shams
Kitab sharh Talat al-shams ala al-Alfiyah ; Bahjat al-anwar : sharh Anwar al-uqul fi al-tawhid ; al-Hujaj al-muqniah fi ahkam salat al-Jumah
Wizarat al-Turath al-Qawmi wa-al-Thaqafah, 1985

BP195.I3 S24 SAL 1985
Salimi, Abd Allah ibn Humayyid, b. ca. 1871. Talat al-shams
Kitab sharh Talat al-shams ala al-Alfiyah ; Bahjat al-anwar : sharh Anwar al-uqul fi al-tawhid ; al-Hujaj al-muqniah fi ahkam salat al-Jumah
Wizarat al-Turath al-Qawmi wa-al-Thaqafah, 1985

BQ915.G66 GOM 2009
Gombrich, Richard F. (Richard Francis), 1937-
What the Buddha thought
Equinox, 2009

BR1720.C5 I58 IOV 1986
Gvaramia, Rusudan
“Iovane Okropiris cxovrebis” zveli kartuli targmani da misi taviseburebani : 968 clis xelnaceris mixedvit
Mecniereba, 1986

BR65.B33 G46 BAS 1983
Basil, Saint, Bishop of Caesarea, ca. 329-379. Selections. Georgian
Basili Kesarielis “Scavlata” Eptvime Atoneliseuli targmani
Mecniereba, 1983

BR65.G84 P74 PSE 1989
Psevdonones mitologiur komentarta kartuli targmanebi
Mecniereba, 1989

BS1515.52.A82 AST 2006
McGinnis, Claire Mathews
‘As those who are taught’ : the interpretation of Isaiah from the LXX to the SBL
Society of biblical literature, 2006

BS1515.52.B44 BLE 2006
Blenkinsopp, Joseph, 1927-
Opening the sealed book : interpretations of the book of Isaiah in late antiquity
William B. Eerdmans Pub. Co., 2006

BS1515.52.I585 ISA 2010
Kooij, Arie van der, 1945-
Isaiah in context : studies in honour of Arie van der Kooij on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday
Brill, 2010

BX163.3.F46 FEN 2009
Fenwick, John R. K., 1951-
The forgotten bishops : the Malabar Independent Syrian Church and its place in the story of the St. Thomas Christians of South India
Gorgias Press, 2009

BX173.3 B75 BRI 2008
Cherian, Shibu
Bringing light to the world : Syriac tradition re-visited : essays in honour of the very Rev. Dr. Adai Jacob Corepiscopa
Christava Sahitya Samithy, 2008

BX177.15 B76 BRO 2008
Brock, Sebastian P.
Studies in Syriac spirituality, Rev., enl. and updated ed.
CEICS, Dharmaram Pub., 2008

BX177.15.L532 LIB 2009
Liber Graduum. English
The Syriac Book of steps : Syriac text and English translation, 1st Gorgias Press ed.
Gorgias Press, 2009

BX4713.363 C66 CON 2009
Conference on the Liturgy of St. James (2008 : Bethany Vedavijnana Peeth)
The liturgy of St. James : its impact on theologizing in India
BVP Publications, 2009

BX663.T3615 TAM 1995
Tamarasvili, Mixeil Petres ze, 1858-1911. Eglise georgienne des origines jusqu’a nos jours. Georgian
Kartuli eklesia dasabamidan dgemde : tan axlavs 104 portreti da kartul zeglta reprodukciebi, ori geograpiuli ruka da mravali gamoukveqnebeli dokumenti
Kandeli, 1995

BX664.P35 P47 PER 1995
Peradze, Gregory, 1899-1942
Ucxoel piligrimta cnobebi Palestinis kartveli berebisa da kartuli monastrebis sesaxeb
Kandeli, 1995

BX667.S35 T76 SAK 1980
Sakartvelos avtokepaluri martlmadidebeli eklesia. Troparion
Uzvelesi Iadgari : gamosacemad moamzades, gamokvleva da sazieblebi daurtes El. Metrevelma, C. Cankievma da L. Xevsurianma
Mecniereba, 1980

BX669.I43.I4433 DOL 1974
Dolakize, Manana
Ilarion Kartvelis cxovrebis zveli redakciebi
Gamomcemloba “Mecniereba”, 1974

BX699.A1 Z84 ABU 1963
Abulaze, Ilia
Zveli kartuli agiograpiuli literaturis zeglebi
Sakartvelos SSR mecnierebata akademiis gamomcemloba, 1963

DK511.C42 KAL 1971
Kaloev, Boris Aleksandrovich
Osetiny : istoriko-etnograficheskoe issledovanie, Izd. 2-e, ispr.
Nauka, 1971

DK511.G4 SAK 1976
Gabasvili, V.
Sakartvelos istoriis agmosavluri masalebi
Mecniereba, 1976

DK511.G44 BER 1967
Qauxcisvili, Tinatin
Berzeni mcerlebis cnobebi Sakartvelos sesaxeb
Mecniereba, 1967

DK671.5 LOR 1989
Lordkipanidze, M. D. (Mariam Davydovna)
Ra aris “Kartlis cxovreba”
Tbilisis universitetis gamomcemloba, 1989

DK673.9 K37 LEO 198
Leonti Mroveli, Bishop of Ruisi, 11th cent.
Sxovreba kartvelta mepeta : Arcilis nameba
Mecniereba, 1986

DK677.35 GUL 1987
Gulbenkian, Roberto. Relation veritable du glorieux martyre de la reine Ketevan de Georgie. Georgian
Namdvili cnobebi sakartvelos dedoplis Ketevanos mocamebrivi sikvdolos sesazeb
Mecniereba, 1987

DS116 JOS 1987
Josephus, Flavius. Antiquitates Judaicae. Georgian
Motxrobani iudaebrivisa zuelsitquaobisani
“Mecniereba”, 1987

DS116 JOS 1987
Josephus, Flavius. Antiquitates Judaicae. Georgian
Motxrobani iudaebrivisa zuelsitquaobisani
“Mecniereba”, 1987

DS117 JEW 2009
Efron, John M.
The Jews : a history
Pearson Prentice Hall, 2009

DS135.E83 LED 1994
Lederhendler, Eli
Jewish responses to modernity : new voices in America and Eastern Europe
New York University Press, 1994

DS135.L4 ENC 2010 Ref.
Stillman, Norman A., 1945-
Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic world
Brill, 2010

DS135.L4 ENC 2010 Ref.
Stillman, Norman A., 1945-
Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic world
Brill, 2010

DS135.L4 ENC 2010 Ref.
Stillman, Norman A., 1945-
Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic world
Brill, 2010

DS135.L4 ENC 2010 Ref.
Stillman, Norman A., 1945-
Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic world
Brill, 2010

DT143 LIT 2010
Mehrez, Samia
The literary atlas of Cairo : one hundred years on the streets of the city
American University in Cairo Press, 2010

ML3060.Z6 ZLI 1971
Metreveli, Elene, 1917-2003
Zlispirni da gmrtismsoblisani : ori zveli redakcia X-XI ss. xelnacerebis mixedvit
Mecniereba, 1971

PA3892.M7 M38 MCC 2009
McCollum, Adam
A Greek and Syriac index to Sergius of Reshaina’s version of the De mundo
Gorgias Press, 2009

PJ3001.I8 REL 1983
Kraemer, Joel L.
Religion and government in the world of Islam : proceedings of the colloquium held at Tel-Aviv University 3-5 June 1979
Tel Aviv University, Faculty of Humanities, 1983

PJ6123.S46 SEM 2010
Seminar for Arabian Studies (43rd : 2009 : London, England)
The development of Arabic as a written language : papers from the special session of the seminar for Arabian studies held on 24 July, 2009
Archaeopress, 2010

PJ7631.T25 TAK 2008
Gelder, G. J. H. van
Takhyil : the imaginary in classical Arabic poetics
Gibb Memorial Trust, 2008

PJ8991.K37 KAP 2009
Kapeliuk, Olga
Selected papers in the Ethiosemitic and Neo-Aramaic linguistics
Hebrew University Magnes Press, 2009

PK3794.G62 A813 GOV 2009
Govardhana, 12th cent. Aryasaptasati. English & Sanskrit
Seven hundred elegant verses
New York University Press : JJC Foundation, 2009

PK4474.C66 VEN 2009
Venkatanatha, 1268-1369. Hamsasandesa. English & Sanskrit
Self-surrender, Peace, Compassion & The Mission of the Goose : poems and prayers from South India
New York University Press : JJC Foundation, 2009

PK6198.K313 KAR 1975
Karnamah-i Ardashir Papakan. Georgian
Ardasir Papakis zis sakmeta cigni
“Mecniereba”, 1975

PK6402.M3 MAR 1976
Marr, IUrii Nikolaevich
Pisma o persidskoi literature
Metsniereba, 1976

PK6451.F28 A54 MAM 1977
Mamacasvili, M.
Gorganis “Vis O Ramin” da kartuli Visramiani
Gamomcemloba “Mecniereba”, 1977

PK6456.5.G4 FIR 1974
Firdawsi. Shahnamah. Georgian
Sah-names : anu Mepeta cignis, kartuli versiebi
Tbilisis universitetis gamomcemloba, 1916

PK6561.N33 G53 GIU 1976
Giunashvili, L. S. (Liudmila Semenovna)
Tvorcheskii put Saida Nafisi
Metsniereba, 1976

PK8463.T73 DUM 2009
Dum-Tragut, Jasmine
Armenian : modern Eastern Armenian
John Benjamins Pub. Co., 2009

PK9001.D6 DON 1975
Dondua, Karpez, 1891-1951
Stati po obshchemu i kavkazskomu iazykoznaniiu
“Nauka”, Leningradskoe otd-nie, 1975

PK9107.R83 RUD 1940 Ref.
Rudenko, B. T. (Boris Tikhonovich), 1896-1942
Grammatika gruzinskogo iazyka
Izd-vo Akademii nauk SSSR, 1940

PK9107.T75 TSI 1973
TSibakhashvili, G. I. (Georgii Ivanovich)
Elementarnyi kurs gruzinskogo iazyka : samouchitel
Izd-vo Tbilisskogo universiteta, 1973

PK9114.S26 SAN 1955
Sanize, Akaki, 1887-
Kartuli enis gramatika
Saxelgami, 1955

PK9125.B343 K88 KUT 1975
Kutatelaze, Lili
Ioane Bagrationis Kartuli leksikoni
Mecniereba, 1975

PK9125.C83 CUB 1984 Ref.
Cubinovi, Davit, 1814-1891
Kartul-rusuli leksikoni, 2-oe izd.
Sabchota Sakartvelo, 1984

PK9125.G88 GVA 1972 Ref.
Gvarjalaze, I.
Kartul-pranguli leksikoni
Gamomcemloba “Sabcota sakartvelo”, 1971

PK9125.O7 ORB 1966
Orbeliani, Sulxan-Saba, 1658-1725
Leksikoni kartuli
Gamomcemloba “Mecniereba”, 1966

PK9127.Z69 ZIZ 1954
Ziziguri, Sota
Ziebani kartuli dialektologiidan
Samecniero-metoduri kabinetis gamomcemloba, 1954

PK9165 MET 1996
Metreveli, Elene, 1917-2003
Narkvevebi atonis kulturul-saganmanatleblo keris istoriidan
Nekeri, 1996

PK9165 MET 1996
Metreveli, Elene, 1917-2003
Narkvevebi atonis kulturul-saganmanatleblo keris istoriidan
Nekeri, 1996

PK9169.S297 A63 SAV 1964
Savteli, Ioane, 12th/13th cent.
Abdulmesiani : Tamar mepisa da Davit Soslanis sesxma
Gamomcemloba “Mecniereba”, 1964

PK9169.Z84 ZVE 1986
Goguaze, Nargiza
Zveli mecaprasuli krebulebi : sekcembris sakitxavebi
Mecniereba, 1986

PK9201.U34 V6 VOG 1963 Fol.
Vogt, Hans, 1903-
Dictionnaire de la langue oubykh : avec introduction phonologique, index francais-oubykh, textes oubykhs
Universitetsforlaget, 1963

PL312 ISM 2009
Ismailova, L. G.
Uchebnik azerbaidzhanskogo iazyka : dlia stran SNG
Izdatelskaia firma “Vostochnaia literatura” RAN, 2009

PL958.K5 KIM 1956
Kim, Sa-yop, 1912-
Yijo sidae ui kayo yongu
Taeyang Chulpansa, 1956

Z6616.G786 BRE 1988
Bregaze, T. (Tamar)
Grigol Nazianzelis txzulebata semcvel kartul xelnacerta agceriloba
“Mecniereba”, 1988

New Books July 2010

Here’s our list of new books for July 2010. We’ve also started putting our new books into LibraryThing: http://www.librarything.com/catalog/oiloxford

This blog and our new LibraryThing entries will also both be fed into our new Twitter account, if you want to follow us there: https://twitter.com/oiloxford

BM176.F34 EAR 2009 Ref.
Nickelsburg, George W. E., 1934-
Early Judaism : text and documents on faith and piety, Rev. ed.
Fortress Press, 2009

BM176.J495 JEW 2009
Stern, Menahem
Jewish identities in antiquity : studies in memory of Menahem Stern
Mohr Siebeck, 2009

BP137.F54 FIG 2000
Aigle, Denise
Figures mythiques des mondes musulmans
Edisud, 2000

BP188.8.I53 SUF 2010 Ref.
Aquil, Raziuddin
Sufism and society in medieval India
Oxford University Press, 2010

BP189.R24 RAD 2009
Radtke, Bernd
Materialien zur alten islamischen Frommigkeit
Brill, 2009

BP80.S252 A3 SAL 2006
Salman, al-Farisi, d. ca. 656
From Esfahan to Madinah : Salman al-Farisi’s hadith
Goodword Books, 2006

BQ905.N2 A713 ASV 2007
Asvaghosa. Saundarananda. English & Sanskrit
Handsome Nanda, 1st ed.
New York University Press : JJC Foundation, 2007

BR65.J283 H6413 JAC 2009
Jacob, of Serug, 451-521. Homily on the Tower of Babel. English & Syriac
Jacob of Sarug’s Homily on the Tower of Babel, 1st Gorgias Press ed.
Gorgias Press, 2009

BS2545.J44 D66 DON 2010 Ref.
Donaldson, Terence L.
Jews and Anti-Judaism in the New Testament : decision points and divergent interpretations
SPCK Publishing ; Baylor University Press, 2010

BS2880.T5 M94 MYE 2010
Myers, Susan E.
Spirit epicleses in the Acts of Thomas
Mohr Siebeck, 2010

BS715 BIB 2004 Ref.
Bible. O.T. Deuteronomy. 2007
Eleh ha-devarim = Deuteronomy
Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, 2007

BS715 BIB 2004 Ref.
Bible. O.T. Proverbs. Hebrew. 2008
Mishle = Proverbs
Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, 2008

BV178.W55 WIL 2008
Williamson, H. G. M. (Hugh Godfrey Maturin), 1947-
Holy, holy, holy : the story of a liturgical formula
Walter de Gruyter, 2008

BX184.L4 M64 MOH 2008
Mohasseb Saliba, Sabine
Les monasteres maronites doubles du Liban : entre Rome et l’Empire ottoman (XVIIe-XIXe siecles)
Geuthner ; PUSEK, 2008

BX4713.563 C43 CHA 2008
Chahwan, N.
L’ordination diaconale dans l’Eglise Maronite
PUSEK, 2008

D13.5.I75 HIS 2009
Debie, Muriel
L’historiographie syriaque
Geuthner, 2009

DS117 BRE 2010 Ref.
Brenner, Michael, 1964- Kleine judische Geschichte. English
A short history of the Jews
Princeton University Press, 2010

DS231 ARA 2009
Schiettecatte, Jeremie
L’Arabie a la veille de l’Islam : bilan clinique : table ronde tenue au College de France, Paris, les 28 et 29 aout 2006 dans le cadre du projet de l’Agence nationale de la recherche “de l’antiquite tardive a l’Islam”
De Boccard, 2009

DS247.A185 MAI 2004
Maitra, Jayanti
Qasr al-Husn : tarikh hukkam Abu Zaby, 1793-1966, Tabah 3.
Markaz al-Wathaiq wa-al-Buhuth, 2004

DS59.S94 GAL 2010
Galletti, Mirella. Cristiani del Kurdistan. French
Le Kurdistan et ses chretiens
Cerf, 2010

DS99.D3 FAD 2010 Ref.
Fadel, Marie. Damaskus. English
Damascus : taste of a city
Haus, 2010

DT95.65 FAR2006
Farraj, Samir
al-Dawlah al-Ikhshidiyah
Markaz al-Rayah lil-Nashr wa-al-Ilam, 2006

DT96 IRW 2010 Ref.
Irwin, Robert, 1946-
Mamluks and Crusaders : men of the sword and men of the pen
Ashgate/Variorum, 2010

G93 QAZ 1984
Qazwini, Zakariya ibn Muhammad, 1208 or 9-1283 or 4
Athar al-bilad wa-akhbar al-ibad
Dar Bayrut, 1984

KBP310.K38 KAW 2005
Kawsaj, Ishaq ibn Mansur, d. 865 or 6
Kitab al-Masail an Imamay ahl al-hadith Ahmad ibn Hanbal wa-Ishaq ibn Rahwayh, al-Tabah 1.
al-Faruq al-Hadithah, 2005

KBP310.K38 KAW 2005
Kawsaj, Ishaq ibn Mansur, d. 865 or 6
Kitab al-Masail an Imamay ahl al-hadith Ahmad ibn Hanbal wa-Ishaq ibn Rahwayh, al-Tabah 1.
al-Faruq al-Hadithah, 2005

KBP310.K38 KAW 2005
Kawsaj, Ishaq ibn Mansur, d. 865 or 6
Kitab al-Masail an Imamay ahl al-hadith Ahmad ibn Hanbal wa-Ishaq ibn Rahwayh, al-Tabah 1.
al-Faruq al-Hadithah, 2005

PJ4576.B5513 BLA 2010
Blau, Joshua, 1919- Torat ha-hegeh veha-tsurot. English
Phonology and morphology of Biblical Hebrew : an introduction
Eisenbrauns, 2010

PJ6770.33.B47 BER 2005
Bergman, Elizabeth M.
Spoken Algerian Arabic
Dunwoody Press, 2005

PJ7542.D53 H37 HAS 2008
Hasan, Ghassan
al-Tughrudah al-Imaratiyah : dirasah ilmiyah fi fann al-tughrudah fi al-turath al-shabi al-Imarati, al-Tabah 1.
Hayat Abu Zaby lil-Thaqafah wa-al-Turath, Akadimiyat al-Shir, 2008

PJ7860.A28 I4 RAD 1962
Radwan, Fathi
Ilah raghma anfih: wa-tamthiliyat ukhra
Dar al-Maarif, 1962

PK3741.H6 E5 NAR 2007
Narayana. Hitopadesa. English & Sanskrit
Friendly advice, 1st ed.
New York University Press : JJC Foundation, 2007

PK3791.B198 R3813 BHA 2009
Bhanudatta Misra. Rasamanjari. English & Sanskrit
Bouquet of rasa ; &, River of rasa
New York University Press, 2009

PK3796.S4 V37 KAL 2006
Kalidasa. Sakuntala. English & Sanskrit
The recognition of Shakuntala
New York University Press : JJC Foundation, 2006

Z7052 BAB 1951 Fol.
Babani, Ismail Basha, d. 1920 or 21
Hadiyat al-arifin : asma al-muallifin wa-athar al-musannifin
Wikalat al-Maarif, 1951

Z7052 BAB 1951 Fol.
Babani, Ismail Basha, d. 1920 or 21
Hadiyat al-arifin : asma al-muallifin wa-athar al-musannifin
Wikalat al-Maarif, 1951

New Books June 2010

Here’s the monthly list of new books at the Bodleian Oriental Institute Library. As always, these are available for viewing on our new books display.

BL1284.23.H38 HAT 2008
Hatcher, Brian A. (Brian Allison)
Bourgeois Hinduism, or the faith of the modern Vedantists : rare discourses from early colonial Bengal
Oxford University Press, 2008

DS124.A53 BON 2009
Bonfil, Robert
History and folklore in a medieval Jewish chronicle : the family chronicle of Ahima’az ben Paltiel
Brill, 2009

DS785.A1 INT 1994
International Association for Tibetan Studies. Seminar (6th : 1992 : Fagernes, Norway)
Tibetan studies : proceedings of the 6th seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies, Fagernes 1992
Institute for Comparative Research in Human Culture, 1994

DS786 INT 1980
International Seminar on Tibetan Studies (1979 : St. John’s College)
Tibetan studies : in honour of Hugh Richardson : proceedings of the international seminar on Tibetan studies, Oxford 1979
Aris & Phillips, 1980

HT1306.Z55 ZIL 2010 Ref.
Zilfi, Madeline C.
Women and slavery in the late Ottoman Empire : the design of difference
Cambridge University Press, 2010

PJ6795.H54 HIN 2009 Ref.
Hinds, Martin
A dictionary of Egyptian Arabic : Arabic-English
Librairie du Liban, 2009

PK9160.R39 RAY 2010
The literature of Georgia : A history, 3rd rev. ed.
Garnet Press, 2010

PL3611.H65 HOD 1990
Hodge, Stephen, 1947-
An introduction to classical Tibetan
Aris & Phillips, 1990

PL3613.G56 GOL 1977
Goldstein, Melvyn C.
Modern literary Tibetan, Enl. 2d ed
[s.n.], 1977

May’s New Books

24 new books for May 2010:

B755.E8 ESS 1977
Hyman, Arthur, 1921-
Essays in medieval Jewish and Islamic philosophy : studies from the publications of the American Academy for Jewish Research
Ktav Pub. House, 1977

BL2015.Y6.W55 WHI 2009
White, David Gordon
Sinister yogis
University of Chicago Press ; University Presses Marketing [distributor], 2009

BM487.T47 THO 2009
Thomas, Samuel I. (Samuel Isaac)
The “mysteries” of Qumran : mystery, secrecy, and esotericism in the Dead Sea scrolls
Society of Biblical Literature, 2009

BP128.26 C8913 CUY 2009
Cuypers, Michel. Festin. English
The banquet : a reading of the fifth sura of the Quran
Convivium, 2009

BP195.A5 A33 AHM 2008 Ref.
Ahmad, Bashiruddin Mahmud, 1889-1965
Ahmadiyyat, or, The true Islam
Islam International, 2008

BR185.D67 DOR 2006
Doran, Robert, 1940-
Stewards of the poor : the man of God, Rabbula, and Hiba in fifth-century Edessa
Cistercian Publications, 2006

BR60.C5 S85 VOO 1965
Voobus, Arthur
History of the School of Nisibis
Secretariat du CorpusSCO, 1965

BS1315.W43 WEC 2010
Wechsler, Michael G.
Strangers in the land : the Judeo-Arabic exegesis of Tanhum ha-Yerushalmi on the Books of Ruth and Esther
Hebrew University Magnes Press, 2010

BS1830.J6 A7 BUR 2010
Burchard, Christoph
A minor edition of the Armenian version of Joseph and Aseneth
Peeters, 2010

BX167.H45 HEI 2008
Heinz, Andreas, 1941-
Licht aus dem Osten : die Eucharistiefeier der Thomas-Christen, der Assyrer und der Chaldaer mit der Anaphora von Addai und Mari, 1. Aufl.
Paulinus, 2008

D116.7.I3 FRO 2010 Ref.
Fromherz, Allen James
Ibn Khaldun, life and times
Edinburgh University Press, 2010

DS129 PUM 2009
Pummer, Reinhard
The Samaritans in Flavius Josephus
Mohr Siebeck, 2009

DS135.E42 CAP 2007
Capponi, Livia, 1975-
Il tempio di Leontopoli in Egitto : identita politica e religiosa dei giudei di Onia, c. 150 a. C.-73 d. C
ETS, 2007

DS154.9.K35 MIL 2008
Milwright, Marcus
The fortress of the raven : Karak in the Middle Islamic period (1100 -1650)
Brill, 2008

PJ4835.G5.G47 GES 1959 Ref.
Gesenius, Wilhelm, 1786-1842
Wilhelm Gesenius’ Hebraisches und aramaisches Handworterbuch uber das Alte Testament, Unveranderter Neudruck der 1915 erschienenen 17. Aufl.
Springer-Verlag, 1959

PJ7814.T68.I4713 ATR 2002
Atrash, Layla. Imraah lil-fusul al-khamsah. English
A woman of five seasons
Interlink Books, 2002

PJ7820.A46.N3413 DAI 2001
Daif, Rashid. Nahiyat al-baraah. English
This side of innocence
Interlink Books, 2001

PJ7866.M39 K53 UMA 2008
Umaymi, Sultan Ali ibn Bakhit, 1974-
Khamsun shair min al-Imarat, al-Tabah 1.
Hayat Abu Zaby lil-Thaqafah wa-al-Turath, Akadimiyat al-Shir, 2008

PK6540.A1 SAD 2009
Sadi. Poems. Selections
Gulchin-i Sadi : guzidah-yi Gulistan, ghazalha, Bustan, qasidahha, Chap-i 1.
Nashr-i Markaz, 2009

PK6541.G2.S23 SAD 2004
Sadi. Gulistan. English & Persian
Gulistan va Bustan
Hirmis, 2004

PS153.J4 H365 HAN 1988
Fried, Lewis
Handbook of American-Jewish literature : an analytical guide to topics, themes, and sources
Greenwood Press, 1988

Q124 LAN 1999
Langermann, Y. Tzvi
The Jews and the sciences in the Middle Ages
Ashgate, 1999

QB36.S53 LIF 1976
Kennedy, E. S. (Edward Stewart), 1912-
The Life & work of Ibn al-Shatir : an Arab astronomer of the fourteenth century
History of Arabic Science Institute, University of Aleppo, 1976

Z6621.B7435 A7 UNI 1962
Univerzitna kniznica v Bratislave
Arabische, turkische und persische Handschriften der Universitatsbibliothek in Bratislava
Verlag der Slowakischen Akademie der Wissenschaften], 1962