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Stock Checking

You may have noticed librarians scurrying around the library this week with big printed lists of books. That’s because we’ve had the results in from the stock check we carried out over Easter. We checked the 500s, 600s, 700s and Bs, and this week we got a very scary list saying that almost 600 books were missing! Luckily we’ve gone around and found most of them- we’re managed to cut the list down to under 100 missing. Don’t be surprised if you see us searching for these last 100 over the next few weeks!

Post-Easter: Book Move & New Acquisitions

The book move before Easter went well- all the Bod Turk and some of the Bod Pers books are now stored in the Central Bodleian. They’re returning on Friday to try and take the rest of the Bod Pers.
There have been a few requests that have taken longer than normal to process as the request has been sent to us whilst the book is in the Bod- sorry about this, hopefully soon it will stop being a problem.

Meanwhile in the stock check we managed to get through all of the Minor (600s & 700s), South Asia (500s) and Islamic Religion (Bs) books. We’ll be searching for missing books soon.

Finally, here’s March’s New Acquisitions list. These books will all be Reference Only for the first couple of months, so feel free to come browse them in the library!

B316.A85 ALO 1995
Alon, Ilai
Socrates Arabus : life and teachings
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1995

B755.S457 SHA 2009
Shatz, David
Jewish thought in dialogue : essays on thinkers, theologies, and moral theories
Academic Studies Press, 2009

BM755.E76.F57 FIS 2008
Fishbane, Simcha
The boldness of an halakhist : an analysis of the writings of Rabbi Yechiel Mechel Halevi Epstein the Arukh Hashulhan : a collection of social-anthropological essays
Academic Studies Press, 2008

BP189.A65 AND 1960
Andrae, Tor, 1885-1947
Islamische Mystiker
W. Kohlhammer, 1960

BP75.16.B84 BUH 1961
Buhl, Frants, 1850-1932
Das Leben Muhammeds
Quelle and Meyer, 1961

BR60.C5 A33 AGA 1962 Ref.
Agapius, Bp. of Hierapolis, 10th cent.
Agapius Episcopus Mabbugensis : Historia universalis
Secretariat du CorpusSCO, 1962

DP99 FLE 1992
Fletcher, R. A. (Richard A.)
Moorish Spain
Phoenix, 2001

DS134 BOY 2002
Boyarin, Jonathan
Powers of diaspora : two essays on the relevance of Jewish culture
University of Minnesota Press, 2002

DS149.5.E85 EME 2003
Gitelman, Zvi Y.
The emergence of modern Jewish politics : Bundism and Zionism in Eastern Europe
University of Pittsburgh Press, 2003

DS425 IND 2005
Bryant, Edwin F. (Edwin Francis), 1957-
The Indo-Aryan controversy : evidence and inference in Indian history
Routledge, 2005

DS61.85 ORI 2005
Kalmar, Ivan Davidson
Orientalism and the Jews, 1st ed.
Brandeis University Press ; University Press of New England, 2005

DT79 MUL 1969
Muller, Caspar Detlef Gustav
Grundzuge des christlich-islamischen Agypten von der Ptolemaerzeit bis zur Gegenwart
Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 1969

E184.J5 JEW 1997
Boyarin, Jonathan
Jews and other differences : the new Jewish cultural studies
University of Minnesota Press, 1997

HQ1728.5 JEW 2008
Ivriyot ha-hadashot. English
Jewish women in pre-state Israel : life history, politics, and culture, 1st ed.
Brandeis University Press ; Published by University Press of New England, 2008

LA71 ERZ 1976
Johann, Horst-Theodor
Erziehung und Bildung in der heidnischen und christlichen Antike
Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, [Abt. Verl.], 1976

PJ4579.S42 SEG 2010
Segal, Miryam
A new sound in Hebrew poetry : poetics, politics, accent
Indiana University Press, 2010

Stock Check & Stock Move

This has been a busy week!

The library staff have been doing a stock check. Readers have complained about books that say they are in place in SOLO/OLIS but aren’t actually on the shelves. Whilst some of these are probably on people’s desks, a stock check enables us to work out which books really are missing. So if you’ve seen people wandering around the OIL with little beepy machines, that’s why!
We’ve managed to stock check the Minor (600s & 700s), South Asian (500s) and Islamic Religion (B) sections. Hopefully we’ll do the rest of the library in a future holiday.

Meanwhile, the Bodleian Turkish and Persian books have been being moved out of our basement storage area to the Central Bodleian’s storage. This is to clear space for the up-coming closure of the New Bodleian- we’re due to get lots of books from the Reading Room and from the Indian Institute. Our previously locked stacks will then become open access, allowing people to browse our new material. At least, that’s the current plan. Expect more news as and when we get it…

New Accessions Feb 2010

We got lots of new books in February!

Please remember, all the books listed below will be reference-only for a while to allow everyone a chance to look at them before they go into general circulation…

AE4 KWO 1950
Kwon, Mun-hae, 1534-1591
Taedong unbu kunok

B5254.Y482 K6 YI 1977
Yi, Hwang, 1501-1570
Kugyok Toegye chip, Sujong 3-pan.

B5254.Y482 K6 YI 1977
Yi, Hwang, 1501-1570
Kugyok Toegye chip, Sujong 3-pan.

BJ1533.G4 CHA 2009
Frenkel, Miriam
Charity and giving in monotheistic religions

BL1284.532.T36.H83 HUD 2010
Hudson, D. Dennis
Krishna’s mandala : Bhagavata religion and beyond

BM487.A7 V47 VER 2010
Vermes, Geza, 1924-
The story of the scrolls : the miraculous discovery and true significance of the Dead Sea scrolls

BM755.M6 K685 KRA 2008
Kraemer, Joel L.
Maimonides : the life and world of one of civilization’s greatest minds

BP135.A2.A35 ABU 1910
Abu Hanifah, d. 767 or 8. Musnad
Kitab Musnad Habr al-Ummah wa-Imam al-Aimmah al-Imam al-Azam Abi Hanifah al-Numan

BP135.H28 HAD 2009 Ref.
Shah, Mustafa Akram Ali
The Hadith

BP135.H28 HAD 2009 Ref.
Shah, Mustafa Akram Ali
The Hadith

BP135.H28 HAD 2009 Ref.
Shah, Mustafa Akram Ali
The Hadith

BP171.F745 FRE 2009
Jokisch, Benjamin
Fremde, Feinde und Kurioses : innen- und aussenansichten unseres muslimischen Nachbarn

BP171.I8 ISL 1960
Zbinden, Hans, b. 1893
Islam und Abendland : Begegnung zweier Welten

BP20.I8 ISL 1954
Jockel, Rudolf
Islamische Geisteswelt von Mohammed bis zur Gegenwart

DK695.2 IST 2009
Aliiarov, S. S.
Istoriia Azerbaidzhana : s drevneishikh vremen do 70-kh gg. XIX v., Izd. 2-e.

DR440 STR 2009
Fenz, Hendrik
Strukturelle Zwange, personliche Freiheiten : Osmanen, Turken, Muslime : Reflexionen zu gesellschaftlichen Umbruchen : Gedenkband zu Ehren Petra Kapperts

DS907.18 PET 2009
Peterson, Mark, 1946-
A brief history of Korea

DS907.18 PET 2010
Peterson, Mark, 1946-
A brief history of Korea

DS912 WAN 1963
Chong, In-ji, 1396-1478
Wanyok Koryosa

DS916.5.Y5 YI 1973
Yi, Pang-ja, 1901-1989
The world is one : Princess Yi Pangja’s autobiography

DT153.5.M87 GHI 2007
Ghitani, Jamal
Istiadat al-musafir khanah : muhawalah lil-bina min al-dhakirah, al-Tabah 2.

F1054.5.M853 ROS 2008
Roskies, David G., 1948-
Yiddishlands : a memoir

LA1333.7 PAR 2008
Park, Mi
Democracy and social change : a history of South Korean student movements, 1980-2000

PJ5054.K375.G5713 KER 2008
Keret, Etgar, 1967- Short stories. English. Selections
The girl on the fridge, 1st ed.

PJ6171.I26 IBN 2007
Ibn Abd Rabbih, Ahmad ibn Muhammad, 860-940. Iqd al-farid. English
The unique necklace = Al-Iqd al-farid

PJ6709.A78 ARA 2007
Miller, Catherine, 1955-
Arabic in the city : issues in dialect contact and language variation

PJ7824.A67.Z55 AMI 2008
Amin, Dina A.
Alfred Farag and Egyptian theater : the poetics of disguise, with four short plays and a monologue

PJ7826.H58 H38 GHI 2008
Ghitani, Jamal
Hatif al-mughib

PJ7826.H58 H55 GHI 2002
Ghitani, Jamal
Hikayat al-khabiah, al-Tabah 1.

PJ7826.H58 H55 GHI 2002
Ghitani, Jamal
Hikayat al-muassasah, Tabah al-Shuruq 1.

PJ7826.H58 K48 GHI 2009
Ghitani, Jamal
Khulsat al-kara, al-Tabah 2.

PJ7826.H58 R56 GHI 2008
Ghitani, Jamal
Rinn, al-Tabah 2.

PL2518 SLO 1987
Kim, Chong-gil, 1926-
Slow chrysanthemums : classical Korean poems in Chinese

PL3073.K67 KOR 1980
Songgyungwan Taehakkyo (Seoul, Korea). Taedong Munhwa Yonguwon
Koryo myonghyonjip

PL3073.K67 KOR 1980
Songgyungwan Taehakkyo (Seoul, Korea). Taedong Munhwa Yonguwon
Koryo myonghyonjip

PL3073.S6 YIJ 1959
Songgyungwan Taehakkyo (Seoul, Korea). Taedong Munhwa Yonguwon
Yijo choyop myonghyonjip son

PL3073.S65 SON 1959
Songgyungwan Taehakkyo (Seoul, Korea). Taedong Munhwa Yonguwon
Yogye myonghyon jip

PL982.C1 K6 Yi 1964
Yi, In-no, 1152-1200
Kugyok Pahan chip : Yongjae chonghwa

PL989.415.M3 S6 KIM 1971
Kim, Man-jung, 1637-1692
Sopo chip : Sopo manpil

PQ7081.M3724 MCC 2004
McClennen, Sophia A.
The dialectics of exile : nation, time, language, and space in Hispanic literatures

PS153.J4.R33 RAD 2010
Miller, Stephen Paul
Radical poetics and secular Jewish culture

Z44 KIM 1966
Kim, Ki-sung, 1909-
Hanguk soyesa

Cataloguing Continues

Our retro-conversion project, putting all our catalogue online rather than in the old card indexes, is going well- the Islamic Religion (B-BP) section is now complete.

Of the 4380 items, 1621 had been put on OLIS when they arrived and 2598 were done before James started on the section- mainly by Mark & Lidio. So James had an easy job! He’s added 61 holdings to pre-existing records and created 24 new records. There are now 51 Arabic and Persian vernacular items still uncatalogued, and 25 books that seem to be missing so we’re hunting them down…

James is now heading onwards to Islamic History (D, DS & DT). Hopefully that’ll be similarly quick, as Lidio & Mark have already worked through a lot of it.

Meanwhile, Emma at the Indian Institute is working through the South Asian vernacular items for us- thanks Emma!

Retro-converting South Asia

The retro-conversion project at OIL is going well, with the South Asian Collection now close to completion. The retro-conversion project is making sure all books in OIL are on OLIS & SOLO- some books bought before 1987 were previously only catalogued in the card catalogue. It’s being done by James Fishwick, a cataloguer employed specially for this task.

The South Asian Collections (with 500s shelfmarks) are mainly about Sanskrit and Prakrit language & literature, with some Pali, Gujerati, Bengali and so on. There are just under 7,000 items.
4,300 of these were already on our online catalogue before James started.
1,500 had copies at other Oxford libraries, so James just had to add holdings for OIL.
Over 800 were not in any other Oxford libraries, so had to have new records made for them or copied from WorldCat.
Finally, almost 300 items in the vernacular have not yet been catalogued, as they’ll require a specialist. Emma Mathieson of the Bodleian’s South Asian collections has said she’ll help us, thankfully!

Now the South Asian collections are finished, James is moving onto Islamic Religion, the BPs. A preliminary survey of the Bs and BLs suggests that these should be considerably quicker to work on- James looked through 984 books in just two days, as only 15 were not already on our electronic catalogue.

Book Moving

If you come into the OIL today, you’re in for a big surprise…

Today’s the day we’re moving all our books around. The B-BP Islamic section that’s been on temporary shelves at the front of the library during building works is being moved back into sequence, and meanwhile we’re taking the opportunity to compress all our upstairs books & removing empty space. We’ll also hopefully be moving the South Asian and Japan/Korea reference works downstairs, so they’ll be nearer their main sequences. This should leave us lots of empty shelves for when the New Bodleian books get shipped over, as well as leaving us lots of room for our Library of Congress sequence to expand into.

We’re hoping to have new maps of the library ready to show everyone by early next week, but hopefully the new sequence will be fairly intuitive.

Ret-Conning 2

The retro-conversion project discussed last month has continued well, working through the South Asian Collection (India, Sanskrit, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and so on). So far James has inspected almost 2300 items- most of these were already on the system, but around 300 books have been added. He thinks he’ll be finished there in two more months, so all of the South Asian Collection should be complete by Christmas.

In other news, the building works in the library are now fully completed and painted- hurrah! Hopefully our library is ready to welcome the new students arriving from next week…

Library of Congress

Currently at the Oriental Institute we have 5 series of books on open shelves- the Arabic / Turkish / Persian / Islamic collection on the ground floor and downstairs the Japanese / Korean, South Asian, Hebrew / Jewish and Minor (Syriac / Ethiopic / Armenian / Georgian) Collections.

Sometime in the next decade we’ll be moving to the new Radcliffe Observator Quarter along with Humanities and Mathematics. At this new super-library all the books will be catalogued using Library of Congress classification system.

To prepare for this we’ve started classifying all incoming books using the Library of Congress Classification System, and shelving them in a combined sequence. We’ve also started re-classifying a few of our existing books. This is obviously a huge task, as eventually it will involve re-classifying the entire library! For now our new Library of Congress Series is a bit thin on the ground, but hopefully it’ll grow over the up-coming academic year.

An outline of the Library of Congress Classification Scheme can be found here: – our collection is obviously strongest in the B, D and P classes.

Meanwhile, our other projects are all going well. The emergency exit building works are finished except for painting; the South Asian retroconversion project has now checked 1,300 books; and the Minor Collections retroconversion project is working on the Armenian vernacular books.


One of the main projects currently being worked on at OIL is the retro-conversion project. Since 1987, all books entering the library have been electronically catalogued and put into the main Oxford University catalogue- which can be searched online at the SOLO webpage.

However, our older books haven’t all been catalogued electronically. Some have, but most are only searchable using the card catalogue in the library. This obviously isn’t ideal- in a perfect world, all of the books would be searchable online!

The retro-conversion project aims to do just that. At Easter OIL was joined by a new Senior Library Assistant, James Fishwick, a cataloguer who previously worked for the National Trust. His main job is to conduct the retro-conversion project, and thus open up knowledge of our collection.

He’s now finished most of the work on the so-called ‘Minor Collections’. Downstairs at OIL we hold collections of Syriac, Armenian, Georgian and Ethiopic/Ge’ez that have few rivals in the UK- and now they’re (almost) all catalogued and can be searched for via SOLO.

The Minor Collections consist of just under 3,000 items.
1,300 of these were already on our online catalogue before James started.
1,000 had copies at other Oxford libraries, so James just had to add holdings for OIL.
400 were not in any other Oxford libraries, so had to have new records made for them or copied from WorldCat.
Finally, 173 items in the vernacular have not yet been catalogued, as they’ll require a specialist. There are 3 Ethiopic/Ge’ez, 37 Syriac, 2 Georgian, 127 Armenian, and 4 difficult Russian ones. We think we’ve sorted out cataloguing the Russian items, but if anyone can help James with the other languages he’d be delighted to hear from you- please e-mail james.fishwick at!

Now the Minor Collections are finished, James is moving on to the South Asian collection, our Sanskrit-focussed collection that is kept downstairs alongside the Minor Collections. With around 8,000 books, James has a big task ahead of him…

Shelf removed for cataloguing
Shelf removed for cataloguing