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There is a meme going around the biblioblogosphere at the moment in which librarians are writing about their route in to librarianship.

The meme was borne out of a discussion that started on Twitter. Woodsiegirl followed this up with a post on her blog, Organising Chaos, and this got others posting their stories. Seeing that the meme was escalating Ned Potter has set up the Library Routes Project wiki where all the blog posts (including mine!) are being collated.

I thought this might be something a bunch of future librarians, who are considering their options, might be interested in.

4 comments on “Library Routes Project

  1. I stumbled across this a couple of days ago and reading through them has been an interesting and enlightening process. Good thinking with blogging on this one Emma! One of the best parts of the discovery for me though has been the number of librarian blogs it’s introduced me to. Before now I’d been a bit unsuccessful in finding any interesting ones to follow. I’d recommend having a browse, even if blogs aren’t normally your thing because its lovely to read through the experiences of other librarians!

  2. I have had a look at some of the blogs posted on the Wiki and they are really facinating and helpful. People seem to have found there way into librarianship in so many different ways. I definately recommend that as a trainee you should look at these blogs.

  3. Hi Laura, thanks for your comment.

    Here’s a link to another wiki, this time of UK library blogs. It covers both institutional and personal library blogs plus those on specific topics e.g. Chartership.

  4. Thanks Emma! Should be plenty of interesting reading material there and probably more blogs to add to my feeds.

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