Library & Information Update: Master’s Supplement

I was shown this by our librarian, and thought I should pass it along! The latest issue of CILIP’s Library & Information Update contains a supplement dedicated to the discussion of Master’s courses – including choosing a course, funding, how helpful it is in terms of finding a job, and so on. The supplement is also available to view online.

2 comments on “Library & Information Update: Master’s Supplement

  1. Thanks for flagging this up, Jess. I think CILIP left it a bit late to publish this, though! I got home from a Masters interview to find this issue of Update on my doormat, and was pretty annoyed and frustrated!

  2. Fiona, snap! Well my interview was a few weeks ago but still came a bit late.

    I think the supplement is most useful in helping with the early decisions of which courses to apply for. For me that was my biggest struggle (as my blog post here discusses) and a process I found very stressful! Once those decisions were made and an interview date recieved it all became much easier. The supplement might have bee most useful late last year to be honest!

    Still its a good thing for those still unsure or yet to start applying. Plus its a good read to reassure those of us with places for next year that we have made the right decisions!

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