Now Recruiting Trainees for 2021-2022!

We are pleased to say that we are recruiting trainees for 2021-2022 and details of the role and how to apply can be found on our University job pages. If you interested in working in one of our libraries and learning about the wider world of library and information work then do consider applying.

2 comments on “Now Recruiting Trainees for 2021-2022!

  1. Hi there, will there be Oxford Graduate Trainee opportunities for the following academic year 2022-2023 also? I’ve only just spotted this and seen that the deadline is tomorrow midday, so I don’t think I’ll be able to apply unfortunately!
    Thank you…

  2. Hello Christina, thanks for your message. Yes, we are hoping to recruit trainees for the following academic year in 2022-2023 so please do apply next year. We usually advertise at the end of the year. Best wishes, Emma

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