Jess Ward, Bodleian Law Library

I’m one of two trainees based at the Bodleian Law Library this year, also spending one to two days a week at the Sainsbury Library in the Saïd Business School. Before arriving as a graduate trainee, I read for an MSt in Musicology at Worcester College and I can occasionally be spotted in the wild rowing on black and pink blades (or spending my entire paycheque in Blackwell’s).

I’ve been spending my first few weeks surrounded by large piles of books and large piles of stamps, getting to grips with law citations, and memorising exactly where each range of shelfmarks lives in the library. I’m very excited to dive into reclassifying the jurisprudence section, which gives me the opportunity to research my way through the terminology, and I’m sure will leave me with some legal French and German on the other side of the year. Whilst many of my responsibilities involve hiding in my office with red dots, sticky labels, and reading lists – which is where I like to be – I’m looking forwards to seeing how the library changes with the arrival of more readers and putting everything I’ve been trying to learn to new uses.