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A poster for the film ‘A Woman Under the Influence’

The top quarter of the poster shows four identical black and white images of a light-skinned woman in profile. She has light hair pulled back from her face and her eyes are in shadow. Below that the text “A Woman” is in large font, underneath it only slightly smaller it reads “Under the Influence”. “finally in the smallest font: “written and directed by John Cassavettes”. Below the text are four more images. On the far left a man with light skin and dark hair looks off screen and is lit in heavy contrast so that few details of his face are visible. Taking up most of the right hand side is another man with curly dark hair and light skin who looks disapprovingly at something on the left and points his figure. Inserted between his arm and his chest is an image of a woman with light skin and light hair, she has some light wrinkles and shows signs of aging, but again is shown in heavily contrasting light. Finally inserted to the right of the man’s face is a picture of another light skinnned and light haired woman, younger this time, with her hair kept up in a braid that falls onto her left shoulder.

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