Graduate Trainee Showcase 2015

The Trainee Showcase gives trainees the opportunity to deliver a presentation on a project they have undertaken or a particular aspect of work enjoyed during the year.

This year Becca (from the SSL) and Hannah (from the HFL) were the hosts. We were joined by colleagues as well as ex-trainees who came to talk to the group about their experiences after the traineeship.

We’d like to thank everyone who came to support us or impart their knowledge and wisdom of what happens next!

It’s fair to say that the majority of us were quite nervous about going up to present but everyone did a great job and the mix of people in attendance created a great atmosphere!

Here’s a run down of the day:

9.30-9.40 – Welcome!

9.40-9.50 – Emily Chen, Workshop with History and English department students about discovering the authors of anonymous travel diaries through contextual clues
9.50-10.00 – Hannah Hickman, Finding books, surveying students
10.00-10.10 – Jamie Stokes, The Oxford Futures Library – Creating the Art Kleiner Archive Catalogue
10.10-10.20 –Rebecca Wray, Social Science Social Media
10.20-10.30 – Andi Glover, Blues and 852s – Organising and Barcoding a Series of Police Reports

10.30-10.50 – Coffee break!

10.50-11.00 – Ceri Ashwell, ORLiMS: Designing the logo
11.00-11.10 – Yannis Choupas, Creating an online Shelfmark Locator for a labyrinthine library: the work so far

11.10-11.30 – Guest Speaker: Verity Westgate, Bodleian Libraries
11.30-11.50 – Guest Speaker: Charlie Lythgoe, Oxford Brookes
11.50-12.10 – Guest Speaker: Niall Sheekey, Harris Manchester College Library
12.10-13.00 – Lunch!

13.00-13.10 – Sam Hughes, General Year in Review
13.10-13.20 – Duncan Jones, Redesigning/rebranding the Bodleian notices and signs
13.20-13.30 – Bethan Watkins, Preventing book damage
13.30-13.40 – Harriet Costelloe, Cataloguing the papers of the Tilling Society

13.40-14.10 – Break out!

14.10-14.20 – Micha Cooke, #digital: a survey of manuscript viewers in the digital humanities
14.20-14.30 – Tom Cullimore, Leaving Out: Curating livres d’artiste in St John’s College Library
14.30-14.40 – Lydia Wright, A Collection in Review: Bringing the Sackler’s Eastern Art Periodical Collection Up-to-Date

14.40-14.50 – Thanks!

Finally…a little picture collage. Including (maybe) the first Graduate Trainee Showcase selfie! Yes!

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