Izzie Salter, Sackler Library


I’m Izzie, the graduate trainee at the Sackler Library. Here, we hold collections relating to art and architectural history, and  archaeology and the ancient world. These collections are, without doubt, wonderful to peruse when I am handling them for various tasks.

Before coming to Oxford, I completed my undergraduate degree in Law. During my studies, I worked for a legal database and provided support for students when navigating information. From here, working with readers and resources at the Bodleian seemed the perfect next step. Fortunately, I got the position and the opportunity to build on this experience!

It has already emerged that library users utilise the Sackler for a variety of needs and purposes. I am certainly looking forward to learning all I can this year, moving from a student to university staff, and – accordingly – better understanding the functioning of academic libraries.

[NB the Sackler Library has now been renamed to the Art, Archaeology and Ancient World Library]

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