Library Camp and Other Things

Hey everyone,

For anyone who’s interested or missed it , here’s my blog about Library Camp 2011, which I attended about a month ago.

I’m also working my way through 23 Things for Professional Development, which so far is really interesting. If anyone else wants to do it with me, so that we can prod each other and get a move on, that would be great.

Another great site I’m using is LISNPN, where lots of trainees and professionals get top know each other.

Maybe, as we head towards the end of term, some of us could do a post on here about what we’ve learnt so far this year. It would be great to hear about people’s experiences so far!

[And a plug for #uklibchat 🙂 Every other Thursday on Twitter. Tonight it’s about games and gamification in libraries, and is really interesting to take part in and follow.]


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