My year at the History Faculty Library, Lyn Jones

I’ve had an enjoyable and rewarding year in the Radcliffe Camera, where I’ve learned all manner of tasks essential to the upkeep of an academic library. Having spent the previous few years in the public sector, this experience has provided a valuable contrast, which I hope will serve me well in the future. Whilst I’m not sure that they’ll be reading this, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff here (both HFL and Bod), who’ve have made me feel welcome and supported throughout my traineeship.

My project for the year has been a WWI resource guide, designed to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of war. The guide highlights a range of source types, with the aim of directing people towards key providers. Divided thematically, it is hoped that it will offer a means of pointing readers towards resources of particular interest. In this sense, it is conceived of as a discovery tool rather than a definitive list. The LibGuide also showcases locally held sources, encouraging readers to explore the vast collections available within Oxford.

Whilst my research is now complete, I’m still putting the finishing touches to the project; I feel that in another life I might have taken on a slightly smaller topic! That having been said, it’s been a valuable learning experience, which I hope will be of eventual benefit to others.

I’ve made some good friends during my time here (including Atomic Burger), learned from some of the most respected professionals in the field, and been fortunate to work in beautiful surroundings. Whilst I’m still uncertain about what the future holds, I’m not sure that I could ask for much more from my year in Oxford!

(Posted on behalf of Lyn Jones)

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