Sarah Smith, Sackler Library

Hello, I’m Sarah and I’m the trainee at the Sackler Library.

I have just graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a degree in French and Classical Civilisation. Before starting work as a graduate trainee I had no previous library experience (apart from spending hours studying in them of course!) so it has been really interesting learning  about what goes on behind the scenes.

The Sackler specialises in Archaeology, Art History and Classics. My time (when not being distracted by the many interesting Classics books!) has been divided between the main issue desk, the history of art help desk, processing new books and an array of other tasks as they crop up. This gives me the opportunity to experience many different aspects of the job and will hopefully give me an idea of what area I might like to specialise in.

The training sessions every Wednesday have been very helpful. They also provide a welcome opportunity to meet with the other trainees and find out about their different roles in the other libraries.

I look forward to learning many more new things this year and to finally knowing my way around the confusing circular layout of the Sackler Library!

[NB the Sackler Library has now been renamed to the Art, Archaeology and Ancient World Library]

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