Trainee Projects: Podcasting

Hello trainees!

You will probably have heard about the trainee projects – each of you will choose something to work on over the course of the year, and you’ll be asked to give a presentation about it at the end. This should hopefully be in an area that you’re interested in and that will benefit both you and your library.

As I was already interested in the digital side of libraries, and the Law Library was keen to expand on its collection of Web 2.0 resources, I decided to create a library podcast. The library web team discussed the idea in a meeting, and it was decided that I would create a podcast guide to SOLO, the library resource discovery tool.

I began by putting together a script and recording it using free audio recording/editing software called Audacity. I then put this together with screen shots and drawn images in Windows Movie Maker to create a slide-show style podcast. It’s important to make sure that none of your images breach copyright law, and you must get permission from the University press office (email: before using photos of some buildings. I showed the podcast to my supervisor and members of the web team, who made suggestions as to what I could add or change. The podcast is now ready and should hopefully be online soon, watch this space! I’m now also working on the next in the series, about OLIS OPAC and ASR.

Back in March, we had the annual Staff Conference, which this year was based on the theme of all things digital and web 2.0. Since this was right up my street, I gave a presentation with fellow trainee and podcaster, Alice Primmer (SSL) on how to put together a basic audio podcast. Here is a list of useful links we gave to the people who attended:

OUCS information on podcasting at Oxford:

Oxford University podcasts:

Access your free webspace using your SSO:

OXITEMS main page, where you can upload files onto the Oxford University RSS feed so that they will appear on UTunes:

Download free audio recording software Audacity and the LAME encoder, which will allow you to save files as MP3s:

Download free screencasting software CamStudio:

These are the highest rated directories of podcasts to subscribe to and download:

Some library podcasts to look at for inspiration:

Podcasting for business training schemes:

Best of luck this year and for anyone else who decides to attempt it, happy podcasting!