Hi – I’m the Sainsbury Library Trainee at the Said Business School.  Having worked in my college library as a student in Durham, I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to take my experience to the next level in Oxford, and this year is a really good year to be around!  There are local reclassification and refurbishment projects, and a complete overhaul of the Bodleian Libraries to boot, so there is plenty to pick up on how and why things are done as they change.  The SBS team have made me feel very welcome, and it very much seems that I’ll have all the opportunities I could have wanted to get involved in different aspects of librarianship.

Currently in the process of applying to library school, I have a rather well-defined career goal to specialise towards: Guildford Cathedral Librarian!  Who knows where I’ll actually end up, but it would be very nice to get in amongst some weighty theological literature and make it work in a thriving Anglican community.  Whilst it still seems possible, dreams of an idyllic village life in Church Crookham with my future wife are abounding.

Just as a taster of exciting things to come, I have recently been offered a Saturday job in the Upper Camera… a post for the future methinks.

Charlotte Brooke, Sainsbury Library (SBS)

Charlotte Hello, I am really excited about my graduate trainee year at the Sainsbury Library.  I am look forward to interacting with the readers and being a productive member of staff who is a really valuable part of the library team. I am really enjoying  learning new skills and  hope that I  can do a project this year that will really benefit the readers and staff at the SBS library.

Before the graduate traineeship I worked as a shelver at Oxford Brookes University Library and I have a Philosophy degree from Leeds University.