Welcome to our 2017-18 trainees!

We welcomed our new trainees to Oxford this week and we have a record 25 trainees this year in total.  Eleven of our trainees are based in our Bodleian Libraries, 8 in our colleges and we have 6 Digital Archives trainees too. St Hugh’s College and Christ Church College have recruited trainees again this year after a break or a couple of years. They have a packed training programme this term and they begin their training in resource discovery and OLIS this week. They are looking forward to their tour of the Bodleian and drinks in the Divinity School next week where Laura How, Head of Administration and Finance, will welcome them to the libraries.

Our trainees will be introducing themselves on the trainee blog over the next week or two, so do follow their progress throughout the year. Do say hello if you happen to spot any of them. We wish them a happy and successful year with us in Oxford!

The 2017-18 trainees at the welcome session

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