This blog is curated by the staff of the Sackler Library, the centre (broadly) for the study of archaeology and the ancient world as well as art and architectural history, ancient – contemporary, at the University of Oxford. Holdings range across the following subjects: Classical & Late Antique Art, Archaeology & Architecture, including the Roman provinces; Classics (History & Literature); Egyptology & Ancient Near Eastern Studies; Prehistoric-Contemporary Art, Archaeology & Architecture of Europe and the Mediterranean Region; Middle & Far Eastern Art, Archaeology and Architecture (Ancient-Contemporary), including Western Asia & the Indian Subcontinent; Archeometry/Theoretical & Scientific Archaeology; Numismatics; Papyrology.

The aim of the blog is to highlight items of interest in the Library and in its collections as well as provide insights into behind-the-scene activities that enable readers to conduct Sackler-based research and study throughout the year. Currently, blog posts are intended to fall within the below narratives:

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We welcome (and encourage) suggestions for future blog posts.

This blog expresses the thoughts and opinions of individual library staff members and other contributors. We hope that readers and colleagues will enjoy discovering more about the Sackler Library, its collections and operations, and its readers and staff. To receive the latest blog posts please Subscribe by clicking on the link, lower right.

Editorial Board

James Legg, Head of Humanities Libraries

Clare Hills-Nova, Librarian in Charge, Sackler Library

Jamie Copeland, Library Assistant, Sackler Library