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Book display for Mental Health Awareness week.

Resources: Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week (15 – 23rd May). The theme this year is anxiety with the aim of starting a national conversation and encouraging people to share their experiences. At the Sainsbury Library, you can take a look at our new book display in the lower reading room and the posters near the library entrance. They are packed with reading and listening ideas for reducing stress and anxiety. You can also find the links to all the resources below.



For more resources and support see our recent post on Self-help e-books.

Self-help e-books

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Self-help e-books

Trinity Term is a particularly stressful time of year for our students but support is available. The University Health and Welfare team are on hand to provide a variety of resources and assistance. In addition to University services, Nightline provides a completely independent listening, support, and information service run for and by students.

From a library perspective, we feel we have a pastoral duty of care to our readers. We seek to provide a safe, welcoming space where students can achieve what they set out to achieve. The Bodleian as a whole has been carefully collecting and curating a selection of self-help books for students, staff, and any other interested users. The majority of these books are e-books, which we feel adds an element of discretion for those who wish for it. These e-books are available to view at any time of day, from any location; all you need is an internet connection and your Single Sign-On.

The full list of titles is available as a Reading List on ORLO. If you feel there are any titles or topics we may have missed, please do get in touch with our disability librarian.

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Garner website being accessed on an iPad. Image by rawpixel.com.

Gartner Campus Access

The University now provides full access to the Gartner research library (log in with your Oxford SSO).

Gartner is the global leader in providing accurate and current research for the IT industry and its research library helps translate complex IT issues into comprehensive advice and meaningful analysis. The Gartner research library provides access to current research, analytics and insights that are accurate, impartial, and consistent. The benefits of Gartner include the combined expertise of 2,300 research analysts and consultants who advise executives in 130 countries every day. They publish tens of thousands of pages of original research annually and answer 340,000 client questions every year.

See the LibGuide for more information.

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Recommend a book

If a book or other resource you need is not held by the Sainsbury Library or the Bodleian Libraries, we are happy to try to source or purchase this for you. We accept recommendations from students and staff. Before submitting a request, check SOLO to make sure the resource is not already available in Oxford.

The Bodleian Libraries also welcome suggestions for books and other resources to be purchased. When completing the form, please provide as much detail as possible about the resource you are recommending. Your request will be passed on to the relevant subject librarian for consideration, and you will be notified of the outcome.

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Suggest a Database or Data Set

Do let us know if there’s a resource that we don’t currently offer that you’d like to use in your studies or research. The Sainsbury Library team will then look into providing the database, or we might be able to suggest an alternative from our current offering of databases that has the same data.

Even if we cannot immediately offer the resource, all feedback and requests are helpful and can assist us in identifying new databases in the long term. Some recent database acquisitions are due to requests from staff and students, so get in touch with your suggestions!

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Get Software

Did you know that as an Oxford University member you can obtain a variety of software products? We have put together the guide below to direct you to all the software available at Oxford!

Software for University of Oxford members

The University of Oxford provides a wide variety of software for staff and students including SPSS, STATA, ArcGIS, NVivo, Windows, EndNote and MATLAB.

Software for Oxford Saïd members

The Sainsbury Library also provides additional software for Oxford Saïd members.

  • Overleaf, an easy to use, online, collaborative document editor.
    If you do not yet have an Overleaf account, register on their website and then contact us to set up your Professional account.

Library iMacs

The iMacs in the library have Orchard Software Centre installed, which is similar to the App Store. You can use the Orchard Software Centre app to install apps from the Orchard software list (some apps may require a licence).

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How do I actually borrow a book?

Stock image of brightly coloured books

This is something Sainsbury Library staff get asked a lot! So we’ve decided to make a quick guide to borrowing from the Sainsbury Library. First thing to remember is members of SBS can borrow books in the Sainsbury Library any time during the Park End Street building’s opening hours. Just tap in and out of the library with your SBS access card.

Find the book in SOLO

You can search for books in the library search tool SOLO. Enter keywords into the search bar, such as the title and author of a book. Filter in the pane on the left by library to see just Sainsbury Library items. Click the ‘Find & request’ button to see more information including an alphabetical list of the libraries that have a copy of the book. Click the arrow button to the right to see further details for each library. This book is available, as shown on the right.

A screenshot of the library search tool SOLO, showing the collection and shelfmark for a Sainsbury Library book



Find the collection and shelfmark

To find the book on the shelf you will need two pieces of information, the collection and the shelfmark (sometimes called a call number). The collection here is Lower Reading Room. The Sainsbury Library has a few different collections: Lower Reading Room, Stack, Annexe and Careers.

The shelfmark here is HG4026 BER 2020. The Sainsbury Library uses the Library of Congress classification scheme to classify books by subject matter.

Find the book on the shelf

Lower Reading Room books are on the shelves on the first floor of the Park End Street building. Stack books are on the shelves on the second floor. Annexe and Careers collection books are in a separate room, ask library staff to fetch these for you.

Search for the shelfmark of the book you need. Books are arranged in an A-Z sequence within each collection, and there are posters by each set of shelves which show which shelfmarks are in each area. The Social Science Library has a guide to Library of Congress shelfmarks which can help you to understand the scheme.

Borrow the book

Once you have found the book, you can read it in the library or borrow it and take it home. Books can be borrowed and returned with library staff at the Enquiry Desk during staffed hours or using the self-issue kiosk next to the desk at other times. You will need your University/Bod card to do this (the one with the blue stripe across the top). Books are issued for a standard seven day loan and you will receive reminder emails the day before anything on your account is due back. Log in to your account on SOLO to renew items online, you will only be unable to renew if another reader has requested them.


Library staff are here to help so if you get stuck and need a hand just ask!

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Journals and Current News

Did you know that Oxford University members can access a selection of journals and daily news sources online? Titles include ImpactAlpha, The Economist, The Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal. See our Journal Articles and E-books and Current News LibGuides for more information.


Hal Kirkwood.

2023 BRASS Excellence in Business Librarianship Award – Winner Hal Kirkwood

Congratulations to the The Sainsbury Library‘s very own Hal Kirkwood, the winner of the 2023 BRASS Excellence in Business Librarianship Award!

“Hal’s contributions to business librarianship include extensive publication and editorial work related to business information literacy, entrepreneurship, and information sources. Other notable contributions encompass mentorship of business librarians, years of service to professional organizations, teaching and outreach to underrepresented populations, and support of veterans’ entrepreneurship initiatives.” – Award Committee statement

The full announcement is available on the RUSA Update website.

Image of a hand reaching out to touch projected data.

Trial of GlobalData Explorer

We currently have a short trial to GlobalData Explorer, which is a new enhanced version of Disruptor and MarketLine. To find it, go into either Disruptor or Marketline and then look for the Switch Intelligence Center link to get to the higher level menu. You can choose Explorer there. It has a similar interface to Disruptor but significantly more content.

FT book display in the library.

FT Business Book of the Year Display

All the books on the @FT Business Book of the Year shortlist are now available in the library. You can take a look at the display in the lower reading room. In this post we highlight each book and link to the record or ebook in SOLO.

Dead in the Water: Murder and Fraud in the World’s Most Secretive Industry by @MattCampbell and @KitChellel
Written in a novelistic style, this book looks at the crimes surrounding an attack on a tanker, to uncover the realities of the global shipping industry. It is available to read online via SOLO.

Influence Empire: The Story of Tencent and China’s Tech Ambition by @luluyilun 
Influence Empire charts the rise of Tencent, the developer of WeChat and the wider Chinese tech economy.

The Rise and Fall of the Neoliberal Order: America and the World in the Free Market Era by @glgerstle
This book looks at the rise of neoliberalism since the 1970s, through to Trumpism and the reinvigorated American left. It is available to read online via SOLO.

The Power Law: Venture Capital and the Art of Disruption by @scmallaby
The Power Law looks at Silicon Valley VC firms and how they have influenced both innovation and global economics.

Disorder: Hard Times in the 21st Century by @HelenHet20 
This book looks at the overlapping geopolitical, economic, and political crises faced by Western democratic societies in the current decade. It is available to read online via SOLO.

Chip War: The Fight for the World’s Most Critical Technology by @crmiller1
Chip War is the winner of Business Book of the Year, it looks at the decades-long battle to control microchip technology and the economic and geopolitical forces that shaped this industry.

We hope you enjoy reading some of these books. If you have any ideas for other business books do contact us! You can also use the Bodleian request form to suggest a new book, e-book, database or resource.

Christmas Vacation Opening Times 2022

As Michaelmas term draws to a close, here is a run-down of useful information about our opening hours and staffing across Christmas and the New Year.

Library Staffed hours:

The library will be unstaffed from 5pm on Thursday 22nd December until 9am on Tuesday 3rd January. Once the library is unstaffed, access will be for SBS members only until the building closes for the holiday.

Building Opening hours:

The Park End Street building (including the Sainsbury Library) will be closed from 6pm on Thursday 22nd December and will re-open at 7am on Tuesday 3rd January. Normal opening hours will then resume.

Have a great vacation and we’ll see you in the new year!

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Sainsbury Library Closure 11th-15th July 2022

As part of our efforts to improve library study spaces, the Sainsbury Library at the Saïd Business School will be closed for the week of 11th July for the installation of new desks and revised study layouts across the first floor reading room.

  • Books required from the Sainsbury Library can be fetched by library staff on request to library@sbs.ox.ac.uk. Library staff will be working from home but will aim to have the book ready for you to collect on the next working day.
  • Sainsbury Library book returns can be made to the main Oxford Saïd reception desk, for later collection by library staff.
  • Bodleian stack books that have been ordered to the Sainsbury Library will not be available during this period. These books should be ordered to other Bodleian reading rooms across Oxford during the closure.
  • Access to the library’s Bloomberg terminal will be unavailable during this week. Other financial databases including Eikon are available remotely, more information is available on our subject guide.

Alternative study space will be available for Saïd Business School students in the old Careers office off reception. The Common Room, Dining Room and Marquee spaces will also be available to SBS students as usual.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience while these improvements are carried out. If you have any questions, please email us at library@sbs.ox.ac.uk