Warning: theft in the library

Red triangle warning signI regret to let you know that one of our students had her laptop stolen from the library yesterday afternoon.  This is a terrible event as we would like you all to feel this is a safe and secure environment, although we know that there is no such place when opportunistic people are determined to take advantage of even small periods of inattention.

Nevertheless we know the laptop was taken by someone who acted very casually and appeared to all as a student, but who did not have an access card as the camera footage shows this person asking someone to let them out.

Can I please urge you all not to leave your laptops or any other personal belongings unattended in the library.  Can I also ask you all please to NOT allow anyone to tail gate when you enter or leave the library, and to be suspicious of anyone who asks you to let them out because they do not have an access card. For the latter, please refer anyone who does not have an access card to the library staff.

Chris Flegg

We’ve posted some simple steps you can follow to protect your laptop or mobile device.

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