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FT Books of the Year 2018

The FT has just announced its Books of the Year 2018. You can now find a selection of the titles in the Sainsbury Library:

Bodleian Business Librarian Announcement

We’re really excited to share news about the new Bodleian Business Librarian, Hal Kirkwood, who will be joining the Saïd Business School on 3rd April 2018. Hal will lead the Sainsbury Library, building on the excellent work of Chris Flegg who retired in September 2017. We look forward to welcoming Hal to the School in April!

The Economist – free online access

We are pleased to announce that the Bodleian Libraries now provide free online access to The Economist. This highly regarded magazine-format newspaper is published weekly and covers many business related topics such as world events, politics, finance & economics, and science & technology.

Through SOLO you can read every issue published over the newpaper’s 174 year history. For historical issues (1843 – 2013) use the Gale Cengage Economist Historical Archive link and for copies of the most recent print issues use the Miscellaneous Ejournals link.

Bodleian Health Care Libraries’ leadership in healthcare blog

Sainsbury Library users might be interested to read the Bodleian Health Care Libraries’ leadership in healthcare blog, Knowledge Hub. Created for NHS Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy, the blog aims to be a source of and a signpost to information on leadership, talent management, coaching, compassionate leadership, diversity and inclusion, organisational change and more.

New self-help books

Trinity Term is a particularly stressful time of year for our students but support is available. The University Health and Welfare team are on hand to provide a variety of resources and assistance. In addition to University services, Nightline provides a completely independent listening, support, and information service run for and by students.

From a library perspective, we feel we have a pastoral duty of care to our readers. We seek to provide a safe, welcoming space where students can achieve what they set out to achieve. The Bodleian as a whole has been carefully collecting and curating a selection of self-help books for students, staff, and any other interested users. The majority of these books are e-books, which we feel adds an element of discretion for those who wish for it. These e-books are available to view at any time of day, from any location; all you need is an internet connection and your Single Sign-On.

The full list of titles can be found here. If you feel there are any titles or topics we may have missed, please do get in touch with our disability librarian.

Find the books here.

Laptop theft: What you can do


Unfortunately some of our students recently had their laptops stolen from the library, and there were also similar thefts last year. However, there are some simple steps you can follow to protect your laptop or mobile device, either using the services already included, or by downloading and installing free software. We also have some Kensington MicroSaver Cable Locks available to loan, which you can use to secure your laptop within the library.

Protect your MacBook from theft
Don’t get Apple picked: How to protect your Mac from theft in public places

Protect and backup your computer
Advice from the University of Oxford Information Security Team

Apple Mac and iOS devices
How to set up and use ‘Find My iPhone’

Apple Mac and iOS devices, Windows, Linux, Android devices
Prey: Anti-theft tracking software for your laptop, phone and tablet

The Library Graffiti Wall – catch up|#sbslibwall

Selection of picsWhile Chris has promptly answered all the comments on our Graffiti Wall, the pace of contributions made it difficult to keep pace, so the blog remained quiet. Please accept our apologies for the silence.

If you are interested in the conversations of the past few weeks, please visit our Facebook gallery, where we will post all questions and responses from today on.