Bodleian iSkills workshops – Summer 2020

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The Bodleian iSkills workshops have now moved online as a combination of webinars and recorded video. All these workshops are free. Full details can be found at

Sessions available:

Bodleian iSkills: Finding information for your research for MPLS researchers
An opportunity to improve and extend your literature research skills. This online session will help you with in-depth searching particularly when preparing literature reviews for theses, dissertations, and research papers.
Intended Audience:  Undergraduates in their final year, postgraduate students, researchers and academics in MPLS.

Dates offered:

  • Thursday 23 July, 10-10.30am – Biology and Earth Sciences
  • Thursday 23 July, 11-11.30am – Engineering and Computer Science
  • Friday 24 July, 9-9.30am – Chemistry and Materials
  • Friday 24 July, 10-10.30am – Mathematics and Physics

Bodleian iSkills for the Medical Sciences Division and OUH staff: Introduction to Mendeley
Do you need help managing your references? Do you need help citing references in your documents? This online session will introduce you to Mendeley ( – a free programme which can help you to store, organise and retrieve your references and PDFs; as well as cite references in documents and create bibliographies quickly and easily.
Intended Audience: Postgraduate students, researchers and university and OUH staff based on the Old Road Campus or in Medical Sciences Division departments elsewhere in Headington.

Dates offered:

  • Tuesday 14 July, 10-11.30am
  • Thursday 16 July, 2.30-4pm
  • Friday 17 July, 10-11.30am
  • Tuesday 21 July, 10-11.30am
  • Thursday 23 July, 2.30-4pm
  • Friday 24 July, 10-11.30am
  • Tuesday 28 July, 10-11.30am
  • Thursday 30 July, 2.30-4pm
  • Friday 31 July, 10-11.30am

The following videos are also available:

  • Getting started in Oxford libraries – NEW! Adapted from the iSkills workshop Getting started in Oxford libraries (temporarily entitled Using Oxford libraries remotely whilst we operate remotely), this set of videos introduce you to SOLO, the University’s resource discovery tool, from simple search functions to features such as citation tracing and saving and exporting SOLO records.
  • Scholarly literature for your research – a series of videos adapted from the iSkills workshop Finding Stuff: Scholarly Literature for your Research.  The videos cover how to use SOLO (the University’s resource discovery tool), search techniques including special characters, such as *, ?, AND, OR, NOT, creating an effective search query to submit to catalogues and databases so that you find results relevant to your research, and why using theses and conferences in your research are beneficial and how find them.
  • Keeping up to date with research – adapted from the iSkills workshop ‘Getting information to come to you’, this series of videos guides you through setting up alerts so that you automatically receive notification of new research in your area. The videos cover setting up alerts in SOLO, Web of Science, JournalTOCs and Zetoc, Nexis UK, JiscMail and others.
  • What is reference management software? – this is the introductory presentation from the iSkills workshop: ‘Referencing: choosing and using software’.  Bodleian iSkills will not be running any live workshops this term on reference management, but the video link will also take you to our homepage for ‘Managing your references’, with further links to information and guidance in using a variety of reference management software packages.

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