New Journal – Science Robotics

Text reads New resource over a range of scientific, computer and book related imagesNew Journal

Exciting news for all those interested in the field of robotics we have now arranged access to a new journal Science Robotics.

What is it?

Science Robotics publishes original, peer-reviewed, science- or engineering-based research articles that advance the field of robotics. This multidisciplinary journal covers emerging trends such as bio-robotics and the use of advanced materials as well as the traditional areas of robotics. It covers micro and nano robots to large scale systems and everything in between. Theoretical and practical research are both covered and it promotes reproducibility, facilitated by online supplementary materials and design/code repositories. It covers many sub disciplines including Bioinspired Robots, Robotics for Human Augmentation, Nanorobotics and Robotics and Medicine.

Mars rover robot

Who is this for?

This journal will be of interest to anyone researching robotics, potential use for robotics in medicine or anyone who uses robotics in their research projects.

How can I access it?

This journal is available through SOLO Science Robotics. To access them off campus use the VPN or sign in to the journal platform with your Single Sign On (SSO).

RSL Refurbishment – Update on the project

How time flies! Back at the start of 2020 we packed up the Radcliffe Science Library (RSL) and started the refurbishment project. A lot has happened to us all in that time, but none the less great progress has been made to the refurbishment. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we took down the portraits, emptied the shelves and closed the doors.

Significant work has gone on to make the building safer and more modern. You can breath easy as we have removed the asbestos. It’s no shock that there needed to be some re-wiring and things are going smoothly now that plastering has progressed.

When the refurbishment is finished the building will not only host the RSL but also Reuben College he Oxford University Museums Collections, Teaching and Research Centre (CTRC). We’re all looking forward to moving in which we can announce will happen in time for Michaelmas Term 2023.

We’re really looking forward to having a more modern space with greater adaptability. Before the refurbishment we had one group study room, after we reopen we will have four group study rooms. One will be equipped for Microsoft Teams meetings so you can conduct seemless meetings with colleagues in the room and on Teams. Although we’ll still have shelves of books, more space will be dedicated to comfortable study spaces that suit the needs of modern students and researchers. We will also have quality Wi-Fi and charge points throughout the building.

With the building coming together so well we are starting to plan for furniture. There will be a range of different seating once we open but if you have any thoughts you can always let us know on out Twitter or by emailing

Thanks to Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure Ltd for their ongoing hardwork on the refurbishment.

RSL in the VHL – Term Time Opening Hours

Well term has started and so that means we are back to our term time schedule. The Radcliffe Science Library at the Vere Harmsworth Library will be open until 10pm today and every weekday of hilary term! Even more time to study in our individual desks, take breaks in our comfy break room (with vending machine) and access our huge collection of ejournals and databases via the free Wi-Fi.

We’re now open :

  • Monday-Friday: 9am-10pm
  • Saturday: 10am-4pm
  • Sunday: 11am-5pm

So the library is available whenever you want to study, whether you are a nightowl and earlybird.

Statue of an owl with headphones using a laptop.

New Journal- Veterinary Record and Veterinary Record Case Studies

Text reads New resource over a range of scientific, computer and book related imagesNew Journal

We have arranged access to a new journal: The Veterinary Record aka Vet Record. It is British Veterinary Association’s (BVA) official journal. Containing scientific reviews, original research papers and more on a wide range of veterinary topics, it also carries disease surveillance reports, careers information and business and innovation news.

But wait there’s more, we have also arranged access to Veterinary Record Case Reports. This journal publishes articles in all fields of veterinary medicine and surgery on common and rare conditions. Cases include those that present a diagnostic, ethical or management challenge, and cases that highlight aspects of mechanisms of injury, pharmacology or histopathology.

Dark covered journal with images in gold on the cover. The images are a heart with a cross in it , a house a bowl, a dog and a cat. heart on cover

Who is this for?

This journal will be of interest to researchers who work with animals or do research related to animals. As well as those who are interested in developments in veterinary medicine, pharmacology and diagnosis.

How can I access it?

These journals are available through SOLO Veterinary Record & Veterinary Record Case Reports. To access them off campus use the VPN or sign in to the journal platform with your Single Sign On (SSO).

Check out our resource of the month

The RSL has a huge collection of physical and electronic materials. We have so much that we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of our items whether recently added or an existing collection item. The resources are recommended by our knowledgeable subject librarians who are excited to show off parts of the collection for their subject.
Text that says resource of the month over small images of books, computer equipment and scientific equipment

This month’s selector is:

Rachel Scanlon

Rachel has selected British Standards Online.

Brief Description

British Standards Online is the definitive site for all publications from British Standards Institution. The site contains bibliographic information on more than 39,500 documents covering:

  • Current, historic, and draft British Standards
  • More than 16,000 BSI adopted European and international standards
  • Technical handbooks
  • Codes of practice
  • Guidelines
  • Specifications for products, dimensions, and performance
  • Glossaries

Standards are the agreed way to do something. It could be about making a product, managing a process, delivering a service or supplying materials – standards can cover a huge range of activities undertaken by organizations and researchers.

Oxford users have access to the full text of all British Standards except for wiring regulations. We do not have access to publications on the platform that are not British Standards.

Who is this useful for?

Standards are nexcessary both for theoretical research and creating practical processes and tools. There are standards on many subjects including Health Care Technology, Energy and heat transfer engineering, Image technology, and Chemical technology. They are relevant for many scientific fields including Computer Science, Engineering, Chemistry, Physics and Materials Science and should be consulted by anyone creating products or tools for practical use.

How can I access it?

British Standards Online can be accessed from on campus or using a vpn using this link or for off-campus access please visit session?entityID=

You will need to have the FileOpen plug-in installed in order to access BSI documents within BSOL. To download the plug-in, please click here. In some cases, you may need to contact your IT department to install the plugin. Further information is on the British Standards website at:

Training materials on how to use British Standards Onlince are available on the BSI website.