RSL Refurbishment – Update on the project

How time flies! Back at the start of 2020 we packed up the Radcliffe Science Library (RSL) and started the refurbishment project. A lot has happened to us all in that time, but none the less great progress has been made to the refurbishment. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we took down the portraits, emptied the shelves and closed the doors.

Significant work has gone on to make the building safer and more modern. You can breath easy as we have removed the asbestos. It’s no shock that there needed to be some re-wiring and things are going smoothly now that plastering has progressed.

When the refurbishment is finished the building will not only host the RSL but also Reuben College he Oxford University Museums Collections, Teaching and Research Centre (CTRC). We’re all looking forward to moving in which we can announce will happen in time for Michaelmas Term 2023.

We’re really looking forward to having a more modern space with greater adaptability. Before the refurbishment we had one group study room, after we reopen we will have four group study rooms. One will be equipped for Microsoft Teams meetings so you can conduct seemless meetings with colleagues in the room and on Teams. Although we’ll still have shelves of books, more space will be dedicated to comfortable study spaces that suit the needs of modern students and researchers. We will also have quality Wi-Fi and charge points throughout the building.

With the building coming together so well we are starting to plan for furniture. There will be a range of different seating once we open but if you have any thoughts you can always let us know on out Twitter or by emailing

Thanks to Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure Ltd for their ongoing hardwork on the refurbishment.

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