RSL Wellbeing Room

The Radcliffe Science Library (RSL) will be reopening for Michaelmas Term 2023 when our refurbishment is completed. Along with reading spaces, group study rooms and individual study carrels there will also be opening a Wellbeing Room, in the RSL basement. These types of spaces are becoming more popular in libraries in recent years, especially since Covid. As well as this there will be nature imagery in the room, along with jigsaws, games, crafts and sensory toys, particularly useful for neurodiverse people.

The purpose of wellbeing spaces is to promote wellbeing, relaxation and mindfulness as such the room is being designed with soft furnishings and calming colours that evoke comfort. We plan to have a range of different comfortable seating from sofas to armchairs to bean bags. We also want the space to be flexible so that the furnishings will be easy to move.

Two green arm chairs with a small table in front

Some possible armchairs

Within the room we will have a selection of reading materials that we hope you’ll enjoy reading. Topics will include wellbeing, Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI), fiction, graphic novels and more. We are buying books now so if you have any books you would like to recommend for the wellbeing room please contact or for EDI recommendations please contact

The RSL have some great and exciting plans but the most important aspect of this space is getting input from the MPLS and MSD community. We’d appreciate any feedback but particularly from any student or staff who are responsible for wellness. We have already reached out to some colleagues but we are eager to hear a range of viewpoints.

PLans of the RSL Wellbeing room

These are our plans for the room. There’s a sofa in the corner (c-51) arm chairs at the front (c-18) and a table for games and crafts (T-21)

We’re are particularly interested to hear of any activities or events you would like to run in the Wellbeing room or any evnets you would like the RSL to host.

So if you have any book suggestions, ideas for activities or any thoughts on the room in general contact


ORLO Study Skills List

It’s getting to that time of year again, the days get longer, the weather hopefully gets better and you probaly don’t get to see much of it as you have to prepare for writing your thesis, starting research assignments and final peparations for exams. It can feel a little overwhelming but the ORLO Study Skills list may be able to help. It covers a range of topics reference management to time management and much more.

Photograph of a laptop with the screen covered in coloured post-its and scraps of paper.

It can be difficult to know where to start

For those preparing a thesis or dissertation we have some great resources on our study skills list, in the section Doing a research project, writing a thesis or dissertation. The section on Exams, tutorials, and presentations will set you up well for the upcoming exams.

Photograph of a lightbulb surrounded by coloured post-its that are laid out neatly.

Study skills can help you get organised

The list is an ORLO list so like all ORLO lists it you can use the Table of Contents button at the top to jump to the section most relevant to you. Try using this feature to take a look at our  subject specific guidance on the list. You can also use the search box at the top to find specific resources like Coping with stress at university: a survival guide by just typing a few words in the box e.g. coping with stress. And like all ORLO lists you can export the list or just the references. More information available on the Bodleian website.

If there are any study skills books or resources you’d like us to purchase then please contact your subject librarian or submit a request.

RSL in the VHL – Opening Hours for Trinity Term

The Radcliffe Science Library and the Vere Harmsworth Library will move to term time opening hours from Saturday 22 April 2023.

The Library will be open:

  • Monday – Friday: 9am – 10pm
  • Saturday: 10am – 4pm
  • Sunday: 11am – 5pm

Updates to library opening hours can be found at

More information on RSL services can be found at

Brown analogue alarm clock with numerals in different colours on the face and displaying a time of half past five.

Image by Rattakarn from Pixabay

Inclusive portraiture – our search continues

As part of its actions for supporting an inclusive culture, the Radcliffe Science Library (RSL) is working on diversifying its portraiture and creating a space where everyone feels welcome, valued, and respected when it re-opens in Summer 2023.

Silhouttes of many diverse faces layered over each other in a variety of colours.

Our list of historical names is currently lacking scientists from Black, Asian, minoritised ethnic and LGBTQ+ communities connected to science and medicine at Oxford for the library re-opening in the coming summer vacation. We recognise that it may be difficult to identify individuals because the contributions and achievements of these communities have often been ignored or unfairly marginalised. However, if you know someone, let us know. We also welcome historical names from these underrepresented communities in science and medicine outside Oxford, preferably from the UK and the Commonwealth,  

  • You find inspiring and you want to highlight.
  • Who were the first in a white dominated discipline.
  • Who were not scientists but made important contributions to research.

Please contact with your suggestions.

Book an appointment with the BHCL subject/outreach librarians

Subject and Outreach Librarians support all aspects of learning, research, and clinical care. We recently shared the details of the Radcliffe Science Library Subject Librarians now meet the libraians of the Bodleian Health Care Libraries. The librarians are happy to come to you in your lab, office, ward or classroom as well as supporting you via Teams etc, and in our libraries.

Four cartoons together. Top left image shows two cartoon figures reching out of computer screens to shake hands. Bottom left image shows two cartoon figures sitting next to each other in different colored chairs. Middle image shows a cartoon figure talking on an oversized mobile phone. The rightmost image shows a cartoon figure typing on a laptop sitting on a large orange @ sign

Along with helping with your literature search and constructing search queries they can…

  • Provide group or 1 to 1 information skills training
  • Can advise and and train you on reference management software and how to use different styles.
  • Teach you how to access and manage research data.
  • Purchase book recommendations and are particularly interested in purchasing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion titles to improve our collections.
  • Provide inductions for new staff
  • And so much more…

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Check out our Resource of the Month for April

The RSL has a huge collection of physical and electronic materials. We have so much that we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of our items whether recently added or an existing collection item. The resources are recommended by our knowledgeable subject librarians who are excited to show off parts of the collection for their subject.

Text that says resource of the month over small images of books, computer equipment and scientific equipment

This month’s selector is:

Karine Barker

Photograph of Karine Barker

Karine Barker

Karine has selected HSTalks: The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection by Henry Stewart Talks Ltd.

Brief Description

HSTalks: The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection is a collection of high-quality online video lectures lasting between 10 and 60 minute long that are ideal for teaching, research and learning. The collection includes more than 3,000 specially commissioned seminar-style lectures by leading world experts, including Nobel Laureates and Lasker prize winners. There is material to support teaching at an undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate level, and the resource is also ideal for supporting research and clinician development. The lectures are also a great resource as a helpful revision tool to do additional research around the subject.

4 columns of panels giving titles of lectures with photos of speakers,with text "Multimedia Lectures by leading world experts" at the top.


Who is this useful for?

MSD Undergraduate and Graduate students in Biochemistry, BMS, Medicine, Neuroscience and Pharmacology,  MPLS Biology Undergraduate and Graduate students, and MSD and MPLS Biology research and teaching staff.

How can I access it?

This resource is available through SOLO. To access it off campus use the VPN or sign in to the journal platform with your Single Sign On (SSO).

For teaching Staff

Would you like to include new content in your course, but don’t have time to look? Contact about the content matching service.