3D Printing Services – what can we print for you?

The range of things that the RSL 3D printing service can create may be larger than you think.

We’ve printed pieces that have combined with traditional movable type for the Bodleian Bibliographical Press. The square block of type can now be freely rotated 360 degrees. It’s great to see old and new technology working together. The Bodleian Presses are still in use and you can see more informtation about them on our website.

Traditional printing block with Miller & Richard engraved into the top. In the centre are movable plates held with wood blocks and 3D printed sections in red plastic.For the Department of Zoology, we have printed GPS collars for deployment on domestic dogs in Ethiopia. This allowed tracking of domestic dogs in an effort to protect native wildlife.

Photograph of a dog in a field with a large 3D printed collarOur colleagues in the TSS lab needed new combs to help run their PCR tests. Their old combs did not allow for a reference ladder and were getting brittle and damaged. We successfully printed new combs for them significantly cheaper than if they went through a commercial provider. More details on their blog.

Photograph of red comb in gel for scientific testing.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss using the service, please contact rsl3dprinting@bodleian.ox.ac.uk.

Further information, including how to submit an order, can be found on the online guide.

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