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The RSL has a huge collection of physical and electronic materials. We have so much that we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of our items whether recently added or an existing collection item. The resources are recommended by our knowledgeable subject librarians who are excited to show off parts of the collection for their subject.

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This month’s selector is:

Alessandra Vetrugno

Photograph of Alessandra Vetrugno holding a laptop

Alessandra Vetrugno

Ale has selected the Institute of Physics evidence-based acquisitions (EBA) ebook collection

Brief Description

The institute of Physics (IOP) is the leading scientific society for Physics in the UK and Ireland. It supports the promotion and advancement of Physics around the world. The IOP EBA ebook collection provides DRM-free access to around 800 ebooks published by the Institute of Physics including high-quality monographs on key areas in physics and shorter texts that cover rapidly advancing topics.

We have access to this collection under an EBA model. This means that we are able to access all titles in the collection for one year and at the end of our subscription we’ll retain the titles that have been used the most.

Abstract illustration of waves and particles

This photo by Gerd Altmann is licensed under CC0 Public Domain

Who is this useful for?

This resource is essential for Physics students and researchers, from undergraduate level up to academics. It is also relevant for researchers in other areas with an interest for Physics-related research and education.

How can I access it?

The IOP EBA collection is accessible from the Oxford Libraries catalogue SOLO. Individual titles can also be also accessed from SOLO. To access it off-campus use the VPN or sign into SOLO with your Single Sign On (SSO).

Our access to the IOP EBA ebook collection is valid until the 10th May 2024.

If you want to know more about searching titles included in the IOP EBA, you can talk to one of our friendly Subject Librarians! 😊

New Resource – Conference Papers And Videos From Optica Events

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New Conference Papers

Exciting news for all those interested in the field of optics and photonics we have now arranged access to a collection of conference papers and videos from Optica events.

What is it?

Optica – formerly known as the Optical Society of America (OSA) – is a leading scientific society and professional organization dedicated to advancing optics and photonics. This resource provides access to conference videos and papers from more than 800 Optica meetings and 5000 conference videos. The list can be sorted by year or by conference name. The conferences and meetings cover topics from bio-optics to digital holography to optics and photonics for the environment. You can create an account to save your favourites.

A photograph of light going through a prism causing a rainbow next to a blue laser pointed at a glass pyramid

Who is this for?

This resource is useful for researchers in physics, engineering and materials science and anyone with an interest in optics and photonics.

How can I access it?

This can be accessed through SOLO. To access it off campus use the VPN.

While you’re away from Oxford – summer vacation 2023

Radcliffe Science Library staff would like to wish you a great summer vacation, and look forward to welcoming you back to the newly refurbished RSL in Michaelmas term.

While you’re away from Oxford, we have a wealth of online resources to enable you to continue your studies remotely.


You can access the full text of many resources via SOLO when logged in with your Single Sign-On (SSO) ID – look for the green Online access icon to find these.

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The Bodleian Libraries have a large number of e-books which can be accessed via SOLO as detailed above.

If a book you need is not available as an e-book, then we may be able to purchase one – complete the book recommendation form to put in your request.

Oxford Reading Lists Online (ORLO)

ORLO provides 24/7 access to reading lists from a range of devices via your Oxford Single Sign-On ID.

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All e-journals can be found on SOLO.
BrowZine provides access to journals licensed by the Bodleian Libraries from compatible publishers from 2005 onwards.

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All of Oxford’s databases are accessible via SOLO (filter by Databases under Resource Type) and also via Databases A-Z.


LibGuides list key subject-specific resources, including e-books, e-journals, databases and other resources available online.

Key LibGuides for science and medicine:

Reminders for graduating students

If you’re graduating this summer, here are a few library-related things to take care of before you leave Oxford. Many thanks for your attention to these.

  • Return all your library books to the library from which you originally borrowed them.
  • Pay any outstanding charges, such as payment for lost items
  • Use up and remaining PCAS credit

You can continue to use the Bodleian Libraries as a graduate of the University.

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Finally, RSL staff wish you every success in the future!

RSL Refurbishment update

We recently went on another site visit to the Radcliffe Science Library (RSL). The team from Morgan & Sindall have done great work and things are progressing well. Walls are going up and cables for data and electricity are going in.

The refurbishment has encountered many delays, since the RSL was closed in January 2020. Along with the Covid pandemic there has been significant amounts of asbestos found in the building. A whopping 660 tonnes has been removed so now the building is safe for occupation. That’s the same weight as 66 walrusses or 66 giraffes, if you use metric.

Reading Rooms

The reading rooms upstairs look great. The shelves are up and they’re adding the lights. The big windows and lovly views are still here. The reading rooms will be filled with a mixture of the chairs selected by our readers.

Training Room

Work in the basement also continues. We’ll have a training room downstairs with a capacity for 30 people. The room will have a whiteboard and a screen. It can be filled with seats or tables can be added for smaller group work.

Wellbeing room

Our Wellbeing room will be next to the training room. You can see that it is going to be quite a large space. You can see our previous blog post for how we are going to fill the space.

Group study rooms

Along with two group study rooms upstairs we’ll also have a Teams room in the basement. The upstairs rooms will look out onto South Parks Road and there will be a comfortable waiting area outside the rooms.This will have cameras, screens and microphones equipped so full hybrid meetings on Microsoft Teams can easily take place. There will be no charge to book our group study rooms.

We’re working on creating a booking system that will work for all those who use the RSL. We’ll update you soon when the details have been finalised.