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As part of the RSL reopening we have launched the use of a new room booking tool in the Radcliffe Science Library (RSL). We are using this tool as part of a pilot along with our colleagues in the Social Science Library and the Vere Harmsworth Library. The aim is to make booking rooms as quick and easy as possible.

Photograph two students having an interactive video call. The screen shows a man smiling and talking.

photo (c) John Cairns

We recently made a blog post about our 5 group study rooms, including two Teams enabled rooms. Ccheck it out if you want to learn more about our spaces. You can book any of our group study rooms by using our new room booking tool. You can use the search options on this page to check availability and place a booking for your chosen times. Use the Search by Space tab to select a room and browse for available times.

We want your feedback!

Now that you have had a chance to book a room we’d like to hear your feedback. We want to know what you think of our new room booking tool. We have put a poster in each of our group study rooms. Use a sticker to let us know how you feel about our booking tool. The tool should be accessible by screen reader but let us know if you are having any problems using it.

Photograph of feedback poster with three columns. One with a happy face, one a neutral face and one an unhappy face. The happy face column has four stickers under it.

We already have some positive feedback 🙂

You can also give us feedback by replying here, letting staff know at the desk, or emailing

Other spaces in Bodleian Libraries

Even though we think the RSL is great there are many other great libraries in Oxford. The Bodleian Libraries website has a page on all the group study rooms availalbe across Bodleian Libraries. It includes seating capacity and information on how to book. Hopefully, that will make finding a space to work with your group easier.

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