While you’re away from Oxford

The Bodleian Libraries have an extensive range of online resources to enable you to continue your studies away from Oxford.


Filter results on SOLO by Online Resources to find resources that can be accessed remotely – look for the green Online access icon. University members can access these anywhere in the world when logged into SOLO with a Single Sign-On (SSO) ID.


The Bodleian Libraries have a large number of e-books which can be accessed via SOLO. We also have a guide to accessing and using e-books.

If you can’t find a book available as an e-book, then we may be able to purchase one. Complete the book recommendation form to put in your request.

Reading lists

Oxford Reading Lists Online (ORLO) allows students can access up-to-date reading lists 24/7 from a range of devices, check location and availability of listed items and access complete texts where available. ORLO can be accessed through Canvas or at http://readinglists.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/ by logging in with your Oxford Single Sign-On ID (SSO).

More information on ORLO


We have access to over 118,000 e-journals titles which can be found via SOLO or our E-journals A-Z list.

The Bodleian Libraries now have a service called Browzine to provide easier access to online journal articles. BrowZine provides access to journals licensed by the Bodleian Libraries from compatible publishers from 2005 onwards. Articles can be accessed directly from SOLO or from the BrowZine website. There are also Browzine apps for Android and iOS, and a Chrome extension which provides links to full-text content of articles while searching the web.

Readers can save articles to a personal library, set up alerts for new issues of journals, and export articles to bibliographic management tools (including Mendeley and EndNote).

More information on BrowZine


You can access over 1,300 databases across a broad range of subject areas via SOLO and also via Databases A-Z.

Free resources

There is a useful selection of free online resources at https://libguides.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/e-resources/free-resources. You can also check LibGuides for subject-specific resources accessible online.

For e-resources available to everyone filter by Open Access at the top of the left hand column of search results in SOLO.

New online collections

Since the Bodleian Libraries closed in March, staff have made every effort to obtain as many titles accessible online as possible. Collections we’ve recently acquired include:

ORLO (Oxford Reading Lists Online)

Oxford Reading Lists Online (https://oxford.rl.talis.com/index.html) connects students to library resources for teaching and learning in their VLE course pages or through the ORLO interface.

Students can filter their reading lists at the click of a button to remotely access online resources including e-books, e-journal articles, scans of chapters, audio-visual resources, webpages and more.

There are now more than 1,000 reading lists available for courses across all Divisions and the Bodleian Libraries continue to work with departments to grow this resource.

We are already working with several departments across MSD and MPLS to make core reading lists available online via ORLO and we are keen to expand this further across the Divisions.

Library staff are available to help departments and academics put their reading lists in ORLO. Get started by emailing olishelp@bodleian.ox.ac.uk, or contact your Subject Librarian (https://www.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/science/contact/radcliffe-science-library-staff). Please provide the following details:

  • Department
  • Programme of study
  • Name(s) of reading list(s)
  • Number of students (needed for CLA)
  • When course is taught
  • Your contact details

The Bodleian Libraries does not provide support for tutorial reading lists beyond setting up a skeleton list.

UPDATE: Reading lists for 2019-20 will not be updated after 21 June 2020. New reading lists for 2020-21 will be published well in advance of the courses they relate to.