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New ebook collection

Exciting news for all those interested in the field of Chemistry! We have now arranged access to a new ebook series covering a broad range of emerging topics ACS In Focus.

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What is it?

ACS In Focus digital books cover a wide range of emerging interdisciplinary and chemical topics, as well as core techniques from across the sciences. These primers are designed to be four-six hour reads and combine concise and in-depth information to facilitate a swift grasp of fundamental concepts and essential techniques in various scientific domains The ACS In Focus digital primers are delivered in a dynamic online platform, and include features such as a pop-up glossary, multimedia, video interviews with top experts in the field, A Day in the Life examples and tutorials, and more.

Cover of machine Learning in Chemistry

One of many new ebooks available from ACS In Focus.

Who is it for?

The ACS In Focus series will be of interest to advanced undergraduates, postgraduate students and researchers in Chemistry and related areas who want to get up to speed on a topic beyond their current competencies. It will also be useful to those students and researchers who want to learn about cutting edge techniques and new topics.

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One of many new ebooks available from ACS In Focus.

How can I access it?

Individual ebooks in the ACS In Focus series are available through SOLO  To access them off campus use the University VPN or sign in to each ebook via SOLO with your Single Sign On (SSO). 

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One of many new ebooks available from ACS In Focus.

What’s so great about ebooks?

Ebooks are hardly a new invention but there might be some things about the ebooks in the University of Oxford that you don’t know.

Access anytime, anywhere

Although any people like the smell of books and the feel of paper in your hands ebooks have a great advantage in that they can be accessed from anywhere. All the ebooks we purchase can be accessed from anywhere whether the room in your college or travelling the world. You just need to sign in to SOLO then follow the View Online link to the ebook or sign in to the platform.

You can also download most of our ebooks. We have thousands of ebooks from many different suppliers so the methods of download can vary. If you are having problems check out the downloading ebooks section of our ebooks guide.

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Read ebooks anytime anywhere

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